Stone: an innovative espresso machine!

December 02, 2022 3 min read

Stone : Une machine espresso innovante! - Café Barista

A new arrival on the North American market, Stone Espresso provides espresso machines of exceptional quality at attractive prices. These compact and elegant machinesare designed to take up less counter space and to fit in with your kitchen's design. Since Café Barista is Stone's exclusive distributor in Canada, we cannot help but showcase this machine's every little detail.

Machine espresso Stone

Stone Espresso

We wouldn't be surprised if you haven’t already heard of this brand. Stone Espresso only arrived on the market in late 2021. However, you very likely know about Stone Espresso's parent company, Rocket!

Indeed, Stone is a division of Rocket Espresso. This Italian company has gone all-in on quality. These machines are entirely hand-built in Italy to ensure their durability. The materials used (steel and brass) are sturdy and made to last for many years.

The same philosophy has been applied to Stone, but the idea is pushed just a little further in order to totally reinvent the coffee space at home. Sold at a more affordable price, the Stone is a semi-professional espresso machine designed with the same quality as a Rocket, but in a more compact and simple format. It is innovation taking shape!

Pressure bar

The machine

The Stone includes a boiler and a heating group that allow it to heat up in just 10 minutes! Along with a heat exchange system, this combination allows it to extract espresso all while producing water vapour without losing power in the process. In this way, you can simultaneously make espresso and froth your milk to make microfoam, which is a first for a machine of this quality, size, and price point. It also comes with a 58 mm portafilter and 9 bars of pressure!

Equipped with a vibration pump, the Stone is designed to satisfy the needs of any daily coffee consumer. However, it also ensures superb performance when you're hosting people at home, whether it’s over the holidays or even for your annual pool party! The machine can stay active for hours and hours as long as the boiler doesn’t get to empty (you can top up the reservoir bit by bit).

You can also switch out the detachable side plates to adapt the machine’s style to your kitchen's changing seasonal decorations and colours. The Stone's height of 35.5 cm, width of 22.5 cm, and depth of 44 cm mean that it won't take up much counter space. In fact, it has been specifically designed for the kinds of confined spaces typical of apartments or condos.

And as a little bonus, the Stone and its packaging are both 100% recyclable. The company uses zero-waste packaging and only eco-friendly materials.


Who is this espresso machine made for?

For coffee aficionados that are ready to take the leap to a top-quality machine, without breaking the bank or sacrificing space at home. The Stone provides coffee shop quality coffee from the comfort of your own home.

This little marvel is completely handmade with quality materials, thus ensuring it will last for years with relatively little maintenance.

If you wish to purchase a Stone, or to learn more about its specifications, all you have to do is check out its spec sheet on our online shop right here!

Just click below if you want to see YouTube videos of unboxing the machine, or a tutorial for using and maintaining it!

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