Coffee in every sauce

Sophie Ginoux writes about various Barista by-products, all made with coffee.

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Making latte art at home

Sylvain Sarrazin talks about the hours of practice, the steps and the technique involved in making lattes that are as good as they are beautiful! The National Barista Institute's latte art training course is one of the suggested courses for learning the rudiments of latte art.

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The Importance of Social Media for Athletes

La Presse's Simon Drouin attends a training session facilitated by Barista's cofounder, Alex Sereno, on how to use social media to position and promote one's own person-brand. From retailers to high-level athletes, Alex provides advice and personal experience in creating relevant content efficiently.

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Coffee Culture in Sports

Alex Sereno was invited as a chronicler and expert of coffee on 98.5 FM's ‘Isabelle’ show to talk about the benefits of coffee and coffee culture in sports, particularly in the cycling world.

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Coffee Junkie

Josée Bélanger describes her passion for coffee and how she became a brand ambassador for Café Barista!

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Baron Mag

Café Barista was talked about in the Baron magazine as being among the best Canadian micro-roasters.

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Test Bench: The Filter Coffee Maker

Filter coffee makers were under the microscope of Radio-Canada's ‘L'épicerie’ test bench! As a coffee expert, our mission was to compare five filter coffee makers, allowing for a choice of coffee brew strength.

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Test Bench: L'épicerie's Favourites

Alex was invited to the test bench for the ‘L'épicerie’ show on Radio-Canada as a coffee expert to explain the various espresso coffee makers and why everyone should have one.

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