The Guide to Latte Art (in French Only)

Following the success of our first book, Le Guide du barista: les essentiels pour déguster les meilleurs cafés à la maison, and growing popular interest in latte art, it made sense to put out a sequel with this, our second book! Le Guide du latte art details all the knowledge you need in order to start doing latte art from the comfort of your own home, and create pretty designs right in your morning coffee! Are you a latte lover? Discover...

The best grinds and roast profiles for your favourite caffeinated beverages

Our advice and list of essential equipment

The ideal choice of milk for latte art

Techniques and steps to creating nine latte art designs

And more!

The perfect present for others or for yourself!

*Free delivery within Québec and Ontario with the purchase of at least one kilo of coffee, or with the purchase of at least 1.5 kg for the rest of Canada. $8 cost for any other order.

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