Pistachio Latte Recipe

December 08, 2022 1 min read

Recette de latte à la pistache - Café Barista

Pistachio lovers, this one is for you!

Whether it’s your second coffee of the morning or your first one of the afternoon, who doesn’t love mixing it up throughout the day? And sometimes, you just need a mild, slightly sweet, and just-flavourful-enough latte!

On that note, here’s our simple yet delicious take on a pistachio latte. This comforting drink only has three ingredients!


  • Your favourite espresso blend. We like the Holiday Cremone for its notes of candied fruit and nuts.


  1. Scoop a generous teaspoon of pistachio cream into a latte mug.

  2. Pull a double espresso (18 g) on top.

  3. Stir the espresso and the pistachio cream until smooth.

  4. Make the microfoam by foaming the pistachio milk.

  5. Pour the microfoam on top of the espresso and pistachio cream.

P.S. This recipe is for a latte, but it also works for any espresso-based drink that uses dairy or pistachio milk, like a cappuccino or a flat white. Tip from the author: try this as a cortado. We’re telling you, it’s genius.

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