How to Make a Short Double Espresso

October 13, 2017 1 min read

Comment faire un espresso double court? - Café Barista

The short double espresso is part of all espresso-based beverages. It is made of water and coffee with a strong taste and is very easy to make.

A Brief History

Espresso is a coffee extraction. This means that very hot pressurized water passes through the coffee to extract the oils. This makes a very concentrated and dense drink, with a lower caffeine content. In addition, espresso is divided into two parts: the liquid and the crema. It is the base of the majority of the beverages on the menus in coffee shops.

How to Make a Short Double Espresso

  1. Finely grind 14 to 18 g of coffee, and place in a double portafilter.

  2. Press the coffee into the portafilter.

  3. Once the portafilter is inserted into the brew group, start extracting. Stop once there is around 2 oz. of liquid.

  4. Enjoy. Some people add milk, cream, or sugar to their espresso.

Fun Fact

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