Café Barista Unveils the Institut National du Barista

October 02, 2017 1 min read

Café barista présente : l'Institut National du Barista - Café Barista

This huge project has been months in the making, and the team is very pleased to unveil it’s all new Institut National du Barista; or INB for those in the know!

INB offers a complete range of training sessions, workshops, and presentations for those who are big fans of coffee (hello there!) as well as catering professionals. It represents an expansion of our existing workshops and training sessions offered for individuals and coffee shop clients. INB’s programmes are divided into four categories (click on each title for more details about the individual sessions).

Barista Workshops

These two- and three-hour sessions explore coffee farming and roasting, as well as how to prepare coffee-based beverages. They are the perfect introductions to the world of coffee, and a way to enhance your barista skills!

Professional Training Sessions

These turnkey sessions can be customized for you, and enable participants to become true coffee brewing experts, with certification from INB to show their level, and to add to their résumé.

Social Media Workshops

These workshops were initially developed for Small and Medius-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and members of our ambassador families, and have since been adapted for anyone who is looking to promote their business or personal brand on social media.

‘Voyages & Café’ Presentation

Our friend Jean-Michel Dufaux of Siège Hublot and Café Barista co-founder Alex Sereno discuss travel memories and closely guarded coffee secrets from around the world in a jam-packed two-hour session.

Several dates are available for each session! Head HERE for more information about INB and to reserve your spot today. See you there!

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