Pistachio Whimsy cocktail with Maximiliano Vallée Valletta

November 04, 2022 1 min read

Recette de Super Comique (cocktail) avec Maximiliano Vallée Valletta - Café Barista

Maximiliano Vallée Valletta is always sharing his delicious recipes with us! On episode 48 of the Café Show, he showed us how to make a Super Comique!

Maximiliano is the executive of Club Local, the Quebec-based spirits company that produces Cremaglace, which is featured in this cocktail. Max also wrote the preface for our caffeinated recipes guide, which contains over 40 recipes!


(Makes 1 glass)

  • 1.5 oz. pistachio Cremaglace

  • 0.5 oz. Les Îles triple sec

  • 1.5 oz. oat milk

  • 1 espresso


  1. Combine Barista oat milk, pistachio Cremaglace, and triple sec to create a microfoam.

  2. Pour the foam into a glass.

  3. Pour the espresso over the microfoam.

You can watch your espresso create a beautiful multilayered warm cocktail; then enjoy a peaceful drink in moderation!

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