How to Properly Store Coffee

August 02, 2023 3 min read

Comment bien conserver son café? - Café Barista

The topic of coffee storage is one that comes up often. As there are several schools of thought on the issue, we decided to take on this famous question once and for all.

Can it be Stored in the Fridge?

A frequently asked question and the answer is no! Yes, the fridge is an appliance that remains closed where we store food, but it also traps odours! This is why it is common for people to put baking soda in the fridge, as it absorbs smells. Otherwise, they stagnate in the fridge and permeate other more delicate foods like coffee.

opened fridge

Is Coffee Preservation Affected by Temperature? Is Coffee ‘Sensitive’?

The answer is yes. Cold and humidity are not good for coffee. It’s like a sponge, so if left in the fridge it won’t only absorb odours, but also humidity. It is also not ideal to keep your coffee in a container in the fridge, and take it out to room temperature to prepare your coffee and then return it to the fridge. These fluctuations in temperature can cause condensation to form inside the container. Like most of us, coffee doesn’t appreciate temperature swings.

Can Coffee be Stored in the Freezer?

It’s not ideal. It is an option if you need to store a large quantity of coffee over an undetermined amount of time. For instance, if you are going on vacation or you won’t be at home very often over the course of several weeks.

For coffee storage in general though, once the bag is open it takes about a month for the oils to begin to be affected. Even though coffee is a non-perishable item it will eventually oxidize and lose its aroma and flavour. It can be stored for a few months, but it will never be as good as fresh coffee.

In truth, it is always better to buy smaller amounts of coffee more often and to keep it at room temperature.

Is the Container you use Important for Coffee Storage?

Yes, and often the importance of the container is underestimated, which has a big impact on its contents. There are tons of appealing coffee canisters in retail stores but more important than how they look is how airtight they are (that is to say that they are as airtight as possible). The canister must be kept away from light and air. When it comes into contact with air, coffee loses its freshness and therefore its quality.

container of coffee with espresso

Why do Light and Air Impact Coffees Flavour?

Again, coffee is very sensitive. It’s all in the chemistry: coffee is made up of several volatile compounds and when it comes into contact with air, the soluble substances oxidize. It’s like when iron is exposed to oxygen for too long, it rusts. Coffee loses its characteristics when exposed to both air and light.

coffee beans close up


Is there a Difference when Storing Ground Coffee Versus Coffee Beans? Does One Keep Better than the Other?

Coffee beans can be stored for longer than ground coffee because of oxidization. With ground coffee, as soon as the bag is open the coffee comes into direct contact with air. However, with coffee beans, because they are larger, the air will not penetrate them as quickly or entirely. A bag of ground coffee is good for about a week because each time you open the bag air goes in. Coffee beans, on the other hand, will keep for a few months if the bag hasn’t been opened, and for a few weeks if it has.

Here are some coffee storage essentials! Proper storage will keep your coffee better for longer.

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