How to Make an Espresso & Tonic?

June 03, 2022 1 min read

Comment faire un espresso tonic? - Café Barista

Have you seen this mocktail appear lately on your social media feed? The espresso & tonic has been all the rage for a while now! With the return of warm weather, we thought we would share our version of this popular iced drink with you. So, here’s our version of an espresso & tonic.

ingredients for an espresso tonic: tonic, espresso and ice


  • One short double espresso (2 oz.)

  • 2 oz. tonic water

  • Ice


  1. Fill a glass with ice.

  2. Add tonic water.

  3. Pull espresso into a small jug.

  4. Pour the espresso over the back of a spoon into the tonic water.

  5. Enjoy this delightful mocktail!

Completed recipe of an espresso tonic

Easy, right? That’s how you can quickly and easily make a delicious espresso & tonic.

For more caffeinated recipes visit the recipe section of our blog. If you liked this drink and would like to try more iced summer drinks, you will surely love our lassi as made by Station 22. Also, find out how to make an aerocano.

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