Top 5 Dessert and Coffee Pairings

March 25, 2022 3 min read

Les 5 meilleurs accords desserts et cafés - Café Barista

You often hear about pairing wine and food, and perhaps sometimes coffee and fruit. However, it is less common for coffee to be part of the equation when satisfying one’s sweet tooth…but it’s no secret that the bitterness of coffee pairs well with a sweet treat. That’s why our team stepped up to the plate to create five dessert coffee pairings!

We have created the ultimate dessert and coffee pairing guide. Here you will find five of our dessert recipes with the caffeinated drinks we recommend pairing with it, and even which Barista blend is best to use.

Something that’s guaranteed to impress your guests! Enjoy!

pouding chomeur

Espresso Pouding Chômeur

Beverage: americano
Recommended blend: Autentico

One of our most recent successes, our espresso pouding chômeur is the perfect recipe for anyone who loves coffee and maple syrup. Paired with an americano this recipe evokes the nostalgia of going to the sugar shack. We chose to use our Autentico blend, which when prepared as an americano balances the sweetness of the dessert with notes of milk chocolate and the roundness of the mouthfeel. It’s a drink that even when served black is balanced and not overly intense, reminiscent of filter coffee. A most satisfying pairing!

Icebox Cake with Espresso Whipped Cream

Icebox Cake with Espresso Whipped Cream

Beverage: flat white
Recommended blend: Gran Barista

A perfect dessert for summer, our icebox cake with espresso whipped cream will remind you of the summer delights of your childhood. The creaminess of this dessert pairs wonderfully with the lightness of a flat white. We strongly recommend using our Gran Barista blend to ensurethe espresso flavour really stands out. Its vibrancy will help to balance the caffeinated drink with the espresso in the cake. Additionally, Gran Barista’s notes of caramel will help it pair well with the creamy caramel in the icebox cake recipe. What a delight!

Espresso & Chocolate Biscotti

Espresso & Chocolate Biscotti

Beverage: latte
Recommended blend: Cremone

We can all agree that a biscotti and coffee is on the same level as milk and cookies; and as we all love dipping cookies in milk, we naturally would also love dipping biscotti in coffee. That was the inspiration behind us recommending pairing a latte with our espresso and chocolate biscotti! Our Cremone blend in particular pairs perfectly with this dessert as its dark chocolate and floral notes highlight the more subtle coffee notes in the biscotti, while the milk brings these both together in harmony. A winning combination to be sure!

Tiramisu Express

Tiramisu Express

Beverage: short espresso
Recommended blend: Bio Due

This article would be incomplete without pairing the classic amongst classics of caffeinated deserts: our Tiramisu Express. Quick and easy, this dessert is an absolute favourite of coffee lovers. To pair a beverage with it for an authentic Italian experience, we recommend pulling yourself an eloquent short espresso using our Bio Due. With notes of chocolate and fruit this espresso is the perfect blend to guarantee an elevated tasting experience. They don’t call them both classics for nothing! Go ahead and treat yourself to this time-honoured culinary tradition.

Chocolate, Hazelnut, and Espresso Mousse

Chocolate, Hazelnut, and Espresso Mousse

Beverage: cappuccino
Recommended blend: Venezia 1645

This chocolate mousse, made using the spread we crafted in partnership with Allo Simonne, is gratifyingly moist and delicious. Pairing this dessert with a frothy cappuccino makes for a heavenly pairing. With its distinct notes of hazelnut, we believe the Venezia 1645 blend is the perfect match for this sweet and chocolatey dessert.

For more caffeinated recipes, check out our blog series on this topic. If you enjoyed this article and want to perfect your caffeinated beverages, you’ll definitely appreciate our tips on choosing the best coffee for you, as well as our five essential tutorials on mastering latte art.

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