Top 10 Bike Cafés in Quebec

March 21, 2022 4 min read

Top 10 des meilleurs cafés-vélos du Québec - Café Barista

Here at Barista, we know that coffee and biking go hand in hand. So, take a look at our list of Quebec’s coolest bike cafés. Get out your helmet and reusable coffee cup, it’s time for a spin!

Café Pista, Montréal

Café Pista now has a permanent location in Rosemont–La Petite-Patrie, but its story began with its owner Maxime pedaling a bike-café throughout Montréal! He literally rigged a café onto his bike, and used the electricity generated from him pedalling to power his machines. The Beaubien branch has now become a local hotspot for bikers and coffee lovers the same. They serve coffee from their in-house roaster (Montréal’s ZAB and Toronto’s Pilot), as well as from the occasional guest roaster, like us.

500 Beaubien Street East

Vélodidacte, Montréal

Vélodidacte is primarily a bike shop but also has a small café inside where you can grab an eight-ounce coffee and a pastry. This business is conveniently located next to the Brébeuf Street bike path, on the corner where it intersects Mont-Royal Avenue (warning: it can be easy to miss). So next time you pass by, keep your eyes peeled and pop in for an espresso, and maybe even a new helmet!

4468 Brébeuf Street

Allô Vélo, Montréal

This is the place to go if you’re looking for high-quality and high-tech European bikes. From urban bikes to cargo bikes, any bike enthusiast can find something that appeals to them at Allô Vélo. As for their coffee, they rotate their blends from week to week and from month to month, but you’ll mostly see them grinding beans from local roasters.

141 Shannon Street

Le Club Espresso Bar and Bike Workshop, Montréal

Le Club Espresso Bar does almost everything, they even repair bikes! Although they don’t sell bikes, you can find a range of accessories for cyclists as they brew local coffee and serve you light dishes that keep you going during a long ride.

3801 Saint-Denis Street

La Maison des Cyclistes, Montréal

The charming terrace overlooking La Fontaine Park is the best part of La Maison des Cyclistes, located in the heart of the Plateau. The location is particularly ideal because it’s at the intersection of two major Montréal bike paths: the Route Verte and Rachel Street. This café-restaurant also hosts a travel agency and a bike shop!

1251 Rachel Street East

Vélo Cartel, Québec City

In addition to its bike boutique and café, Vélo Cartel has a unique service that makes it stand out: bike training. Not spinning – bike training. They have a professional training room where you can track your stats and measure your performance. It’ll definitely up your game for your next Sunday ride.

367 Soumande Street

Bosk Vélo Café, Québec City

Bosk is much more about cycling than coffee. That said, they don’t cut corners with their coffee. The Rocket Espresso machine atop the counter is all the proof you need. So, grab a tasty latte for an energy boost and rent a road, mountain, or gravel bike to start your adventure.

325 du Marais Street, Suite 187

O’Ravito Café Relais, Saint-Romuald, Lévis

Open since 2016, this café was created especially for cyclists by merging with the adjacent bike shop. It was clearly meant to be, what with the beautiful bike path so close by. Their menu features open-face sandwiches, meaning more protein and less starch, which is of course perfect for the visiting athletes.

2560 du Fleuve Road

Café-Vélo Des Nations, Sherbrooke

It’s the holy trinity of cycling: café, repair shop, and bike boutique. The bike boutique showcases products from Quebec and is a great way to discover local businesses. It’s definitely worth adding to your itinerary for your next weekend of mountain biking in Orford.

9 de la Glacière Street

Pittstop, Bromont

The brand new Pittstop café opened its doors in Bromont in June 2019. The two owners, Jean-Michel and Jean-Sébastien, were inspired to open their business by their travels through Western Canada and Australia. It combines biking culture with a café that has healthy options. A perfect pitstop before or after taking on the mountain and scenic bike routes right next door.

80 Bromont Boulevard

O’Lodge Café Plein Air, Saint-Sauveur

Made for biking and outdoor enthusiasts, the O’Lodge is the kind of place that leaves you wanting more. For starters, the space is incredibly charming (especially the terrace), and then on top of that there is the boutique’s irresistible selection of clothing and accessories for outdoor activities and cycling. We bet you’ll want to take home more than you can carry, and if you’re far from Saint-Sauveur, you can also check out their online store.

291 Principale Street

Café De La Gare Ste-Adèle, Sainte-Adèle

This café may be named for its proximity to the train station, but it’s also next to the P’tit Train du Nord bike path! You won’t find any cycling gear inside, but the Espresso Sports boutique next door has plenty of stuff for cyclists.

1000 Saint-Georges Street

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