Ultimate buying guide for your next espresso grinder

July 03, 2023 5 min read

Guide d'achat ultime pour votre prochain moulin à espresso - Café Barista

The grinder is an essential component of any respectable coffee corner, that's why it's important to buy a quality grinder. In fact, we often tell our customers that the choice of grinder is as important as the choice of espresso machine! The reason is simple: it's hard to get a perfect espresso if you’re using a cheap grinder, even with a professional-grade espresso machine; whereas with a good grinder, you can get the best out of any machine.

That's why we don't recommend you use pre-ground coffee with higher-end machines like Stone or Rocket. A dedicated grinder always allows better control of your espresso quality. If you're not satisfied with the quality of your coffee, a new grinder is a good starting point for a better caffeine experience — and we're here to advise you!

What makes a good grinder?

In order to make the best choice when purchasing a new grinder, you need to know what to look for! The first essential component of a good grinder is a micrometric dial. This allows you to adjust the fineness of your grind gently and precisely.

The type of grindstone in your grinder — the circular blades that will grind your coffee — is also a factor influencing its quality and price. There are two main types of grinding wheel: conical and flat. Conical grindstones tend to be less expensive, but because of their shape they generally produce a less homogeneous grind. Flat grindstones, on the other hand, produce a very even grind, which is particularly important for a perfect espresso. They are more expensive, however.

When you shop with us for an electric grinder, you can be sure you’re getting top-quality grinders with the above-mentioned features, i.e. a micrometric wheel and flat grinders, so you can get the most out of your espresso machine every time! As with espresso machines, ensuring you have quality materials also comes with a guarantee of durability.

Do you want a quality grinder that will give you the perfect grind every time?

If you want a quality grinder, but you're on a budget, we think the following grinders might be right for you:

Eureka Mignon Tradizione


Price : 450.00$ +tax

Available colors: Black.

Key features: The Eureka Mignon Tradizione grinder is the easiest to use. With just one button on the side, all you have to do is hold it down and the ground coffee falls into your filter holder, giving you full control over the amount of coffee! We do, however, recommend the use of a scale for greater consistency. What's more, this grinder features 50mm flat, reinforced steel grinding wheels for incredible durability, plus a micrometric dial for perfect adjustment of your grind.

Eureka Mignon Silenzio


Price: $700.00 +tax.

Available colors: Black, Silver.

Main features: The Eureka Mignon Silenzio mill also features 50 mm grinding wheels and a micrometric adjustment wheel. However, it is much quieter than Eureka's Tradizione model. One of the advantages of this mill is that it has two modes, which can be accessed via the button on the side! With the first mode, manual ("M"), your coffee falls into your filter holder as long as you press the button on the front of the grinder. As for the second mode ("T", for "timer"), this allows you to program the flow time via the dial, according to the desired quantity.

Want to program your coffee dose for a hassle-free experience?

Eureka Mignon Silenzio



Price: $700 +tax

Available colors: Black, White.

Key features: Thanks to its "T" mode, for "timer", the Eureka Mignon Silenzio grinder lets you program the flow time of your coffee via the dial according to the desired quantity. This grinder fits into both categories, offering you a programmable grinder at a comparatively lower price!

Macap Leo 55



Price: $799.00 - $899.00 +tax, depending on model.

Available colors: Satin Black, White, Chrome.

Main features: The Macap Leo 55 mill features 55 mm flat grinding wheels, which not only give it greater precision, but also a higher grinding speed. Thanks to the touch screen, it's easy to program your ground quantity with precision. Unlike the Eureka Specialita model, you can program your coffee quantity for a single, double or even triple shot, while still offering the option of grinding the desired quantity of coffee manually (infinite mode). With its sleek appearance and exemplary performance, the Macap Leo 55 grinder is designed to offer you a superior coffee experience at home.

Eureka Mignon Specialita



Price: $900.00 - $965.00 +tax, depending on model.

Available colors: Black, Chrome, Amaranth Red

Key features: Eureka's Mignon Specialita is a mill featuring a touch screen, chronometer and exceptional grinding wheels. With a single button on the front; once you've programmed your setting, simply press your filter holder against it, and the perfect amount of coffee falls out every time! With its 55 mm reinforced-steel flat grindstones, the Specialita offers consistent grinding and very little retention. Unlike the Macap Leo 55, this model offers single and double shot programming only, but does also offer the option of grinding the desired quantity of coffee manually (infinity mode).

Rocket Faustino 3.1



Price: $1,225.00 - $1,350.00 +tax, depending on model.

Available colors: Matte Black, Chrome, Appartamento White, Appartamento Copper

Key features: The Rocket Faustino grinder has it all: 50 mm flat steel grinding wheels, micrometric dial, and a large, intuitive touchscreen for programming single, double and triple doses, with the option of grinding the desired quantity of coffee manually (infinity mode). Available in a range of colors, the Faustino goes perfectly with all Rocket espresso machine models but pairs particularly well with an Appartamento — which has the same design.

Are you a coffee professional, or just someone who wants the very best for their coffee experience?

Eureka Mignon XL



Price: $1,150.00 +tax

Available colors: Black.

Key features: The Eureka Mignon XL is one of the most powerful residential grinders on the market! With its powerful 65 mm grinding wheels, it delivers commercial-grade performance in the comfort of your own home! The XL model gives you lightning-fast grinding speed, while ensuring a quality grind. What's more, the Eureka belt and pressing station are included with the mill!

Rocket Fausto



Price:$1,850.00 - $1,950.00 +tax, depending on model.

Available colors:Matte black, Chrome.

Main features:The Rocket Fausto mill offers exceptional grinding quality thanks to its large 65 mm flat grinding wheels and the impeccable finish of its solid cast aluminum casing. Its touchscreen and thumbwheel also let you control your grinding with incomparable precision. This grinder also lets you program single, double and triple shots, while offering the option of grinding the desired quantity of coffee manually (infinity mode).

What to take away?

Whether you're on a budget or simply someone who likes to drink a good cup of coffee in the morning, getting a good grinder is a must for a successful coffee experience! To this end, a micrometric wheel, flat grindstones and durable materials are the most important components for exploiting the full potential of any espresso machine.

We hope this guide has helped you in your choice! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our team will be delighted to help you find the right machine for your lifestyle.









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