Our Visit to the Specialty Coffee Expo in Boston

April 22, 2022 2 min read

Notre visite au Specialty Coffee Expo de Boston - Café Barista

Recently, Alex, Enrico, and Jorge (our machine specialist) flew off to Boston to take part in the Expo held by the Specialty Coffee Association. They were excited to go off looking for the latest trends in coffee. Among other things, they visited Rocket Milano one of our partners and the manufacturers of our favourite espresso machines, which are available for purchase in our coffee shop.

boston specialty coffee expo

What is the Specialty Coffee Expo 2022?

It’s a trade show that hosts over 420 companies presenting their products and novelties to over 10,000 attendees! The Specialty Coffee Expo allows professionals to see the industry’s latest trends and technologies, as well as to meet new industry players.

coffee grinders

Equipment and Technology

You can see upcoming models of machines, their newest features, and innovations that manufacturers have made. This part of the exposition is fundamental for us at Barista to stay current and up to date on equipment.

Alex, Enrico, and Jorge also had the opportunity to see the evolution of different types of packaging. This is a subject that we are passionate about. It is important to stay up to date on the latest technologies for preserving freshness and for producing recyclable products.

rocket espresso machine

Importing Coffee

The trade show also creates an opportunity to meet people form the importation industry. In case you didn’t know, coffee is traded on the stock market (like on Wall Street). To buy coffee you have to go through a broker and events like these are great for making new connections. It’s also a great opportunity to reconnect with international business associates and to get first-hand information on the state of affairs in the places from where we buy our coffee beans. At trade shows such as this one, Alex and Enrico can get concrete information from people who frequently visit the coffee plantations. The guys also get to reconnect with people they know (like Yorick, below).

oatly booth

New Discoveries

Among the number of areas at the exposition, there is the Discovery area. Where all the latest in research and development can be found. The guys also found some new innovations like some natural syrups that may (🤷‍♂️) arrive in our coffee shop!

bottles of syrup for coffee


Industrial Equipment

Enrico’s favourite section was the one on industrial equipment. It is entirely dedicated to the efficiency of the production chain in all coffee related fields. Our two cofounders were able to attend the presentation on new technological tools that could potentially be implemented in our own production line.

mini coffee roaster


The last part of the Expo was largely event based. Alex and Enrico took part in a variety of barista contests, latte art competitions, etc. Finally, were able to attend coffee cupping sessions and take part in some Masterclasses so that we at home could learn more about coffee also. The Specialty Coffee Expo proved to be well worth the visit and didn’t fail to satisfy our coffee lovers: Enrico, Alex, and Jorge.

enrico at a table

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