No900: an Italian Tradition and the Best Neapolitan Pizza in Montreal

January 14, 2019 2 min read

No 900 : la tradition italienne et la meilleure pizza napolitaine à Montréal - Café Barista

The generosity and kindness of Italians explains in part why people are increasingly curious about Italian culture and cuisine! The Italian presence in Montreal dates back to the end of the 19th century, but Italian culture has recently become very important due to its ‘ambassadors’, who share the values and traditions of the famiglia! In many Italian restaurants in Montreal, nothing beats sitting around a table with people chatting, sharing stories, laughing, and enjoying good food. It’s refreshing to find charming places where you can become immersed in Italian culture, like No900.

pizza 900

The Real Neapolitan

At pizzeria No900 you will find authentic Neapolitan pizza. Obviously, temperature is key, it’s even in the name of the pizzeria, but you’ll find there’s more to it than an oven at 900 degrees. Several factors make their pizza delicious and authentic and their restaurant so popular.

The Pizzeria No900 branch located on Bernard Avenue was the first to open in 2014. The founder, Alexandre Brunet, wanted to recreate the closest possible thing to a real Neapolitan pizza.

We respect the rules laid out by the AVPN (Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana). Their course can be taken only in Italy, Australia, or California, and focuses on the regulations for making a true Neapolitan pizza. The co-owner of No900, Melanie Mailhiot, has a AVPN certificate and therefore can guarantee that their pizza is made in keeping with the rules of the art. And of course, she makes sure that it is.

pizza 900 hands

The emphasis is on Italian tradition, while supporting local trade. All the products they use are always fresh, organic when possible, and if they are not local, they are imported from Italy “to maintain the essence of tradition”. Every aspect, from the food to the décor, is chosen with care and is intended to give clients the feeling of being on vacation on the Amalfi Coast. Pizza lovers and Italians alike, appreciate the quality of No900’s pizzas. A beautiful love story can always begin with a delicious Margherita, but other must-try pizzas from No900 are the Mild Italian Sausage and the Prosciutto pizza. All pizzas can be topped with an egg if you want to feel really Italian.

This restaurant sets itself apart with its pizzas and its design, created by Blazys Gérard, which won an award in 2015. Narrow and cozy (the oven is no doubt a contributing factor) the place has a timeless and classic décor.

Pizzeria No900 is the perfect place to enjoy a simple but delicious pizza, a glass of organic wine, a dessert, and an Italian coffee in a cozy setting at any time of day.

pizza in the oven

No900 Bernard

1248 Bernard Avenue West


Facebook: No900

Instagram: no900pizza

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