Ferlucci: More Than an Italian Café

January 08, 2019 2 min read

Le Ferlucci : plus qu’un café italien - Café Barista

Ferlucci is definitely one of the coziest cafés you can find in Montreal. Originally in the 1980s, Ferlucci was a jeans company founded by Gianni Pezzullo's father, who co-owned the café with his cousin Megan Verdone. Both espresso lovers, when they decided to open a café, the name Ferlucci came to them naturally: "the name kept coming up, because it's original and familiar to us; behind it is a beautiful family history that makes it special". This is the continuation of a project that began years ago, but then took a completely different turn! An equally original twist, but this time more caffeinated!

You come in as you would come home. It's something you often hear at Ferlucci: "this is like an extension of my apartment". Unique vintage decor and VHS tapes line the walls. A screen projects old movie classics every day. When they were young, the owners loved to watch movies together and go hunting for old treasures. They wanted to share this tradition and you can feel it as soon as you walk through the front door.

ferlucci cafe menu

The atmosphere is familial and warm, like in an Italian community where everyone knows each other, and everyone knows everyone else's stories. "It's starting to feel that way at the café. People are mostly very social. They get together, talk, buy each other coffee and share. Often, new friendships are formed". In an era of increasing individualization, Ferlucci is heartwarming and good for the soul. It’s not just in and out, you come in, take your time, share if you feel like it, drink an Italian coffee, and enjoy pastries made by small local businesses: "we stay true to the theme". Pastries and baked goods are always local and made with love and care. The goal is to always offer good quality products. Of course, the quest for Italian flavours is also important.

coffee on a table at the ferlucci cafe

Ferlucci is a happy mix of Italian and Montreal traditions. It’s about the warmth, it's about wanting to stop time, wanting to share with your neighbours and make a difference; wanting to participate in something bigger than yourself: "we are happy to have created a place where people feel like they are part of one big family; the Ferlucci family!"

You come in as you would come home, but you always leave with a smile on your face, coffee in hand, and childhood memories in your thoughts!

How to Get There

Café Ferlucci

432 Rue de Castelnau E, Montreal

Phone: 514.379.6575

Facebook: Café Ferlucci

Instagram: @cafeferlucci

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