How To Maintain the Right Espresso Temperature

February 07, 2020 2 min read

Comment maintenir une bonne température d'espresso - Café Barista

The heat of your machine and the equipment you use are key factors when it comes to getting the right extraction for your espresso. Here are our tips for maintaining the right espresso temperature.

The Machine

Firstly, it’s important to know that the type of machine you use will affect the coffee’s heat retention, which relies primarily on the quality of the materials.

Semi-commercial home machines, most of which have brass components, will offer greater temperature stability during the espresso extraction process. Also, the more powerful machines have boilers that are faster to return to their optimal temperature, which is a major advantage if you’re using the machine at the same time as someone else, as each coffee will be excellent, one after the next.

One last important point: you must allow the machine enough warm-up time before using it. Yes, it will be hotter, but the machine will reach its optimal pressure levels for extracting the perfect espresso.

But if you don’t have this kind of machine, we have two useful tips for maintaining the heat of your espresso.

gauges of an espresso machine up close

Rinse Equipment with Hot Water

Like the brew group, the portafilter and filter should always be very hot when you use them. Once again, the quality of the materials will affect the espresso’s temperature. With low-conductivity materials, simply rinse these two components with the hot water produced by the machine before adding the ground coffee. It’s simple and very efficient.

Warm Up the Cups

Another trick is to keep the coffee cups on the machine if it has a cup warmer (heat diffusion from the top). If the machine doesn’t have one, you can go straight to the rinsing stage using the water from the machine before brewing the coffee.

espressos from the top

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