My First Coffee Shop: La Petite Voisine

February 14, 2020 2 min read

Mon premier café : La Petite Voisine - Café Barista

Once Upon a Time...

Paméla and Simon are an inspiring couple whose love of coffee turned into the dream of opening their own coffee shop, La Petite Voisine! As parents of an adorable little girl named Mia, they decided to take on the challenge of opening an independent coffee shop and creating a welcoming spot for people to come together and enjoy a comforting cup of coffee.

Steps to Opening a Coffee Shop

Perfect Location

The couple decided on Saint-Jérôme, on the North Shore of Montreal, as the location for
La Petite Voisine. This was a natural choice for them, as they love the area and the charm it offers. However, as Paméla points out, it can seem uninviting, as it’s not the most popular destination for small businesses. Still, they settled on this location with the goal of encouraging other local and independent businesses to come in and bring new life to the neighbourhood.


Paméla and Simon came up with the coffee shop’s concept instinctively, out of a simple desire to bring quality coffee to the city of Saint-Jérôme and to create a warm, authentic, and comforting environment. That served as the basis for their coffee shop’s concept and plans. La Petite Voisine has become a second home for the couple, who are very proud to have brought their vision to life.

Throughout the experience, social media has been an important tool for the two owners. Not only does it introduce people to their coffee shop, but it invites them to come and enjoy a moment of human interaction, because to Paméla and Simon, coffee is a chance for people to come together and share with each other.

Choosing a Coffee

As with everything that went into opening La Petite Voisine, choosing a coffee happened naturally when the couple and the Barista coffee gang formed a bond. Paméla and Simon were looking not only for a supplier who could provide quality coffee blends, but who could mentor and support them throughout the process.

“When you walk into Barista, you really do feel at home. The #coffeefamily hashtag is real.”
- Paméla, Co-Owner of La Petite Voisine

To see the full video along with the rest of our Mon Premier Café segments (in French only), head over to our YouTube channel!

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