Introducing Bouches et Délices

September 05, 2018 1 min read

Présentation de Bouches et Délices - Café Barista

Bouches et Délices is a cozy pastry and coffee shop, located in downtown Drummondville. You can get coffee, tea, pastries, and various other little goodies. Everything, from croissants to macaroons, it’s all homemade! It is one of the foodie hot spots in Centre-du-Québec!

Must-Stop Coffee Shop

The cappuccino is an absolute MUST; undoubtedly one of Drummondville's best!

Signature Product

Our almond croissants are quite famous, but all the pastries are delicious and worth a try. After all, everything is homemade!


They’re the friendliest on we’re told! Maybe it's the location, or because everyone loves pastries, but the clients are a diverse lot. Families, athletes, teachers, and professionals all drop by for take-out coffee, or to relax and have a bite to eat.

bouches et délices


Bouche et Délices is a pastry shop-café While they don't offer full meals, you can get whatever you want for a snack, for breakfast they have pastries, croissants, etc. You’ll also find small individual desserts and special festive cakes (occasional catering). And of course, delicious coffee!


Located amongst Drummondville’s old district in the heart of town, dotted with restaurants, small shops, and cafés. The shop is on Lindsay, in one of the last houses bordering the commercial thoroughfare, before it was converted into a café.

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