Introducing Comptoir Lunch

September 11, 2018 2 min read

Présentation de Comptoir Lunch - Café Barista

Must-Stop Coffee Shop

Our lattes are creating a buzz! We’ve just introduced some new flavours, which are sure to attract even more attention!

Signature Product

Of course, as a salad bar, Comptoir Lunch specializes in...yes, salads! While everyone can create their own favourite salad, pre-made salads are readily available, and word is that the strawberry, crouton, cherry tomato, cauliflower, cucumber, avocado, goat cheese, chicken, with balsamic-maple dressing, is simply the bomb!


The Comptoir Lunch is a take-out counter, with a few seats. There are twelve gourmet salads if you want to eat healthy while on the go, and you can create your own salad to your own taste. You can also pick up sandwiches, homemade soups, and healthy desserts. We should mention that all take-out containers are compostable; a plus for those of us who are environmentally conscious.


Most of our clients tend to be business types, probably because of the downtown location, and because they tend to eat on the go. The majority are women aged between 20 and 40.


The downtown location, close to hospitals, shops and offices, is vibrant and busy, especially during lunchtime. The atmosphere mellows out as the day goes on. In the evenings, it's more of a walk-in environment, where people just want to chill.

What’s Next

The Comptoir Lunch concept is still in its infancy, but its popularity hints at bright days ahead and we’re considering its future. On top of the ‘on the go’ style and speedy service, we’ll be introducing a pre-order service in the near future. Customers will be able to order their salad, sandwich, and drinks online and then come and pick it up; a real time-saver!

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