Boosting Coffee Production with MAPAQ

July 26, 2022 2 min read

Croître sa production de café avec l’aide du MAPAQ - Café Barista

At Barista, we are focused on giving all our clients a memorable and unique coffee experience. Craftsmanship is integral to our business model, and that’s why it’s important to us to be part of the production process, while ensuring the company's growth.

What Can The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food for Quebec (MAPAQ) do for Coffee Production?

MAPAQ's financial assistance program has supported our growth, without compromising our tradition of craftsmanship. It is a huge bonus for small and medium-sized businesses in the Quebec food industry when it comes to managing growth.

The Programme de Transformation alimentaire : robotisation et systèmes de qualité helps Quebec food processors streamline their operations for greater productivity.

The funding helps smaller players, like Barista, to secure their place in the Quebec market.

The Question Is: How Can We Boost Production While Remaining a Third-Wave Coffee Shop?

With MAPAQ support, we were able to purchase equipment to boost our productivity, including a larger roaster and a new packaging machine, so we can more easily package our ground coffee.

Some of the equipment improved workplace safety by eliminating certain physical or repetitive tasks, like lifting bags of coffee and manually loading the wrappers. We wanted to reduce the risk of work-related accidents that might be associated with growth, and MAPAQ's funding has helped us to address this issue effectively.

The quality of Barista products has also been improved by a new destoner machine, with an industrial quality suction system, to boost product standardization.

MAPAQ understood that we wanted to modernize and refine coffee production without sacrificing quality and craftsmanship: the Ministry's support has accelerated our growth by maximizing our production process.

How Has This Program Impacted Coffee Production?

Overall productivity went up by 50%, while production capacity tripled!

This momentum is invaluable as we continue to fulfil our mission of quality and slow roasting on a larger scale.

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