We Were There: World of Coffee 2022 in Milan

July 22, 2022 2 min read

On était au World of Coffee 2022 à Milan - Café Barista

Enrico was at the World of Coffee in Milan from June 23rd to the 25th to check out the latest trends in coffee!

Who Goes to World of Coffee in Milan?

For the first in-person event in three years the Specialty Coffee Association went all-out and dazzled the specialty coffee community! With over 11,000 people from 137 countries, all coffee lovers gathered in Italy. With the opportunity to check out 350 companies operating in the coffee industry!

In the Spotlight: Guatemala

Every year, one country is featured for our ‘Portrait Country’, and for 2022, Guatemala is in the spotlight! The World of Coffee showcased several coffees from this beautiful country this year, and Enrico had the chance to taste many of these full-bodied rich Guatemalan coffees. With aromas of lemon to chocolate to wine, these coffees are second to none this year. Participants sampled blends from the 8 distinct regions: Acatenango, Antigua, Atitlan, Coban, Frájanes, Huehue, Oriente and San Marcos; which all have distinctive characteristics in both their soils and eventual aromatic profiles.

International Coffee Competitions

Enrico was lucky enough to attend one of the world’s biggest coffee events of the year: The Specialty Coffee Association’s World Coffee Championships! Featuring 28 cupping sessions, 25 conferences, and 9 coffee workshops, the competition awarded coffee makers in five categories:

  • World Latte Art Championship - won by Carmen Clemente of Italy

  • World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship - won by Agnieszka Rojewska of Poland

  • World Cup Tasters Championship - won by Heongwan Moon of South Korea

  • World Roasting Championship - won by Felix Teiretzbacher of Austria

  • Cezve / Ibrik Championship - won by Michaela Ruazol-Recera of the United Arab Emirates

Congratulations to everyone who won these exciting coffee events!

We Cannot Wait to See What is Happening Next!

A special thanks to Enrico for sharing his incredible behind the scenes journey of the coffee world! With all these new discoveries, the Coffee Gang is ready to transform our coffee shop for the future. We are looking forward to introducing the innovations Enrico discovered into our production and supply chain!

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