Recap: MC Duval Vernissage at Barista

August 17, 2022 2 min read

Recap : vernissage de MC Duval chez Barista - Café Barista

First, for those who don't know, a vernissage is a private exhibition of an artist's work! Last August 11th, we agreed to have Marie-Chloé Duval use our coffee shop to showcase her latest creations.

Getting Ready

We first offered our premises to Marie-Chloé, after following her artistic career for years! We truly believe in her talent and creativity! As a Barista friend and neighbour (her studio is right next to our coffee shop), we were thrilled at the prospect of showing her work and hosting art lovers from all walks of life.

So, along with the Valence Co agency, we started promoting the event on all our networks. As we were looking to bring out all the art lovers, we publicized the event in our weekly newsletters and on all our various platforms!

Setting Up

On the eve of the event, Marie-Chloé visited the café after hours to install her pieces. Even after a long day in the studio, this extraordinary artist came to the café herself to drop off and hang up her paintings! Along with Valence Co, our team made sure that everything would be perfectly set up for the big day.

The following day, we greeted her for the Café Show! MC Duval graciously treated everyone to a glimpse inside her creative process, and during the subsequent interview we all had the opportunity to get further insights into her artistic and creative methods and processes. We also wished her a safe and happy move to New York City! That’s right, she's going to study art in the city that never sleeps!

The Vernissage

MC Duval was the ideal host and presenter, charming all visitors with charisma and contagious laughter. She expertly worked the room, introducing herself and answering questions, while we followed her around taking photos.

Living Art

The paintings, mounted with fishing line, moved with the air currents. The gentle movement offered patrons a unique perspective of the artist's works, with different angles and lighting.

A Giant Painting

A massive 7-foot canvas hung from the mezzanine to the coffee shop floor. This larger-than-life work astonished all who passed by!


We also provided our visitors with coffee throughout the event. The first fifty customers left with a tasting bag of our brand-new limited-edition MC DUVAL coffee! As you may have guessed, this coffee was created in collaboration with the artist herself.


The Beer

Boldwin brewery was also there! Boldwin generously offered free beer for sampling throughout the event. Their organic brews Atlantique, Pêcheur, Forêt d'anges and Massif des Roses were a huge hit with the crowd.

A Special Thanks To....

...everyone who visited the coffee shop to share in MC Duval's artistic journey. And thank you for taking the time to read this far! Plus, a big thank you to Valence Co who helped us prepare and manage the event, and Boldwin brewery for donating their time and beer! And finally, an extra-special thanks to Marie-Chloé for her passion, talent, and generosity!

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