Interview with Les Impertinentes

November 05, 2017 3 min read

Entrevue avec Les Impertinentes - Café Barista

A short interview with Laurence Doucette Rouleau, co-founder of Les Impertinentes (and Ballet Hop dance school).

Where Does the Café’s Name Come From?

It was only a month before opening that we actually decided to open the café, so it was a super intense month! We were trying to come up with a good name quickly, and in the end, it was my mother who suggested the name…which was fitting because I was looking for something more feminine. Since it is a feminist café, I wanted something that was clearly feminine, and the definition of “impertinente” (in English, “impertinent”) is: “someone who wants to use their freedom to cause shock”. We tend to think that impertinent also means to be a little bit foolish, but really at its heart, it is someone who is free and comfortable with themselves, a little like us and our team. We also found that it fit well with Ballet Hop, since it is a place for girls of all ages and sizes who come to have fun and get exercise by dancing…not necessarily to look like a ballerina.

So, it was your Sister who Called you and Asked you to Open a Café?

Exactly. She had been running Ballet Hop for a year and she was renting studios all over the city to teach classes. It was working out super well for her, but renting studios was the most annoying part, so she had been contemplating opening her own studio for a while, and she really wanted it to have a café space also, so that people could stop by before and after classes and have a more holistic experience. Meanwhile, I had just finished my degree in communication, and I had a couple of projects…so, it was the perfect opportunity for us to collaborate. My sister and I had always talked about going into business together, so it worked out perfectly.

inside cafe les impertinentes

What are Your Company Values?

Family, that’s for sure. First and foremost, our mission in the neighbourhood is to create a safe space for women where they can talk, work, and be together, always in a friendly setting. My menu isn’t complicated, but the options are good. There are plenty of vegan options, but nothing with a name that people don’t know how to pronounce! It’s very friendly.

What’s a Must-try on the Menu?

Definitely our tartines, that’s really been our thing from the beginning. Also, the fresh juices, like the name says: “Festive tartines & not-so boring juices”. We found that very funny! Then there is the coffee, obviously.

What is Your Favourite Café?

Good question! I live in Verdun and there are a lot of cool cafés in Verdun. There is one that recently opened called Restaurant Well, it’s super beautiful inside and it’s a really nice place.

What is Your Favourite Coffee Beverage?

I only drink lattes. From time to time, I make myself mochaccinos, if I’m in a festive mood, but other than that, always lattes.

When is Your Favourite Time to Enjoy One?

In the morning…it’s the first thing I do every morning. I often drink two throughout the day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. But winter mornings when I arrive and everything is quiet, I drink my latte, and that’s my little moment for myself.

café les impertinentes

Do you Spend More Time on Facebook or Instagram, and Why?

Instagram, definitely. I don’t know why, there isn’t really a reason. I think I like the fact that it’s just pictures. I use Facebook a lot personally, but for the café, I just like to post photos.

Was it Always Your Big Dream to Open this Café?

Yes, that’s for sure, but like I said, it was a bit of an unexpected project. I never in my life wanted to open a café, but I did want to own my own business, at any cost. It really is a dream come true. Especially with my sister, it’s really cool.

What are the Upcoming Projects for Les Impertinentes?

Oh! I really shouldn’t talk about it because it’s not going to be anytime soon, but we have talked about opening a second Ballet Hop location, and obviously, it would have a café inside as well. We’re talking about it…nothing is set in stone yet, but it is coming faster than we can imagine!

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