How to Make a Cold Brew with a Mizudashi

June 25, 2021 1 min read

Comment faire du Cold Brew avec un infuseur Mizudashi? - Café Barista

Making a cold brew at home may seem complicated, but it’s actually very simple when you’ve got the right tools. The Hario Mizudashi is a practical and easy-to-use accessory that makes an excellent cold brew. The hardest part of the whole process is waiting twelve hours for the coffee to brew before getting to drink it.

Note that there are two versions of the Mizudashi infuser: a 1 L capacity version and a 600 ml version. We will specify the correct quantities for each machine in this blog. 

Choosing the Best Coffee for your Cold Brew

You can use any coffee you like, but some coffees have been created specifically for cold brews. We have the perfect blend for your home-made cold brew for this summer.

Here are the steps to make a cold brew with a Mizudashi.

Cold Brew in Four Easy Steps

Step 1

Place the filter in the Mizudashi and line up the arrow with the spout. Put 70 to 80 g of coarsely ground coffee into the filter of the 1 L capacity version or 50 g in the 600 ml infuser. The French press grind size is perfect for cold brewing.

Step 2

Pour cold water into the Mizudashi up to the ring.

Step 3

Close the lid and let it infuse for twelve hours in the fridge or on the counter.

Step 4

After twelve hours, remove the filter and close the lid. Serve and enjoy!

For our best cold-brew cocktail recipes, check out our recipe section.

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