Top 10 Coffee Gift Ideas for the Holidays

December 06, 2022 6 min read

Top 10 des idées-cadeaux café pour les fêtes - Café Barista

It’s the holiday season, and we know how difficult it can be to find the perfect gift for the coffee aficionado in your life! But sometimes you just need a little bit of inspiration. That’s what we’re here for!

We’ve put together a list of the top 10 gifts you can get for your favourite coffee lover. Get ready for a shot of inspiration! We have something for every type of coffee fan, from the significant other who loves espresso to the second cousin who dreams of becoming a pro barista.

A MyCoffee Subscription

A coffee lover’s greatest fear is running out of their favourite drink. If you want to make sure their mornings are worry-free, we’ve got you covered! Why not get them a 1-, 3-, or 6-month subscription to our MyCoffee service? The lucky recipient can choose their coffee and how often they’d like to receive it (every 1 to 8 weeks) and fill in their information, then have 1 kg of beans delivered right to their door. They’ll get to choose the espresso and/or filter beans, as well as the grind. Getting good, freshly roasted coffee has never been so easy!

A Holiday Gift Box

A gift box is THE way to delight coffeeholics while making your gift shopping easier. Take a look at our 3 boxes!

The ‘Just a Thought’ box was created to let the people around you know you appreciate them. It’s a great option to put in a gift exchange or give as a stocking stuffer. It includes:

Give $49.00 worth of gifts for just $24.95!

The ‘Thinking of You!’ box was created as a great all-in-one gift to give to your favourite coffee lover. It includes:

Give $64.45 worth of gifts for just $54.95!

The ‘It’s too Much, You Shouldn’t Have!’ box is perfect for the people in your entourage who have a sweet tooth and couldn’t make it a day without coffee. It includes:

Give $92.95 worth of gifts for just $74.95!

A MYBOX Tasting Box

Perfect for the adventurous and indecisive, MYBOX tasting boxes are a good way to discover new coffee. Each box has six 125 g bags. You can choose the grind and whether you want filter or espresso beans.

MYBOX is great for anyone with a thirst for the new and exciting. There’s something for everyone!

The Holiday Cremone Blend

The Holiday Cremone blend is back! This special holiday espresso is made with Peruvian and Ethiopian beans. It’s certified organic and fair trade, and features notes of chocolate, nuts, and candied fruit. Even better, for every kilo of Holiday Cremone sold, $5 will be donated to Le Phare Enfants et Families, a family-centred pediatric and palliative care resource. This heartwarming blend is great for gift exchanges.

An INB Workshop

Looking to give your favourite coffee fiend a unique experience? Our Institut National du Barista workshops are just what you need! They’re one of the ways we share our coffee knowledge and passion, all while giving you a chance to hone your skills. Our three Barista workshops cover several different parts of the coffee world. All you need to do is choose the workshop and the time, and just like that your holiday gift is ready! To help you choose, here are the three courses the INB has to offer.

  • R-101 – Espresso 101: get to know the world of coffee and espresso. This two-hour workshop is perfect for beginners who are looking to learn all about espresso while perfecting their espresso-pulling and microfoam-creating skills.

  • R-102 – Latte art: advanced Latte Art is a two-hour workshop for people who have already taken Espresso 101 or are already somewhat familiar with espresso. It focuses on latte art techniques to help you craft coffees that are as stunning as they are delicious.

  • R-103 – Intensive Barista Training: this four-hour intensive workshop is a combination of R-101 and R-102. It’s geared towards beginners and will help you become a true barista!

A Grinder or Machine for Home Use

It goes without saying, finding a shiny new coffee machine and grinder under the tree will make any coffee lover’s heart sing.

They’re the two most important tools for making our favourite nectar, so a good machine and grinder are a wonderful holiday surprise. Our Coffee Space & Shop has a wide array of Rocket and Stone machines, as well as Rocket and Eureka grinders, to choose from. Not sure what model to get? No worries! We’re here to offer you guidance and even training, if needed.

A Coffee-Flavoured Treat

Want to bring even more coffee into your favourite person’s life? Without buying them even more giant bags of beans (not that you can ever go wrong with that). Then why not offer them a coffee-flavoured treat instead?

Chocolate or Caramel?

If the lucky recipient is more of a caramel lover, our creamy espresso caramel is a must. If they prefer chocolate, our hazelnut, milk chocolate, and espresso spread, created in collaboration with Allo Simonne, will definitely brighten up their mornings. Or if you’re looking for a chocolatey stocking stuffer, our chocolate-coated coffee beans, created in collaboration with Montreal-based Amango, are hard to beat.

Oatmeal or Granola?

We didn’t want to start a family feud between Team Oatmeal and Team Granola, so we collaborated with Oatbox to offer coffee-flavoured versions of both. That way everyone has something to celebrate this holiday season!

Did Someone Say BBQ?

Real grill masters know that any season is the right season for a BBQ. No matter what the time of year, our coffee rub is there for the family coffee addict who also loves a good grill. Trust us, once they hear the words ‘coffee rub’ for the first time, they’re never going back.

A Coffee Accessory

You can never go wrong with an accessory or two for the coffee lover in your life.

Manual Brewing Equipment

Not only are manual brewers cost efficient and easy to use, they also make great coffee! For espresso enthusiasts, an AeroPress or a Moka pot can be a great way for them to make their favourite drink. Filter coffee more their style? Once they try a Chemex, a dripper, or a French press, they’ll never use anything else.

Coffee Corner Essentials

Plenty of coffee-making essentials make for good gifts. Check out our must-haves in this blog post! But if you want to stick to the basics, a good tamper, a solid pitcher, or a sturdy knock box will always be appreciated. And to keep that coffee corner clean, why not get them some fun towels? They come in packs of three, and each one is made with 100% natural fibres and can be machine washed up to 300 times. They’re a great way to keep your area clean and green!

A Coffee Cup

When you’re looking for the perfect coffee cup, it’s important to keep it simple! If you want something for at-home use, our sleek ceramic mugs are a great choice. And for coffee lovers on the go, a travel mug will definitely make them smile!

A Copy of the Guide du barista, Guide du latte art, or Guide des recettes caféinées

Does your favourite person want to hone their coffee knowledge and latte art techniques? We’ve got you covered! Our barista, latte art, and caffeinated recipe guides (available in French only) are just what you’re looking for!

With these guides by their side, coffee connoisseurs can become true home baristas! Tip: If you’re looking to get them more than one, pick up all three right here!

Barista Clothing

Do you know a Barista fan?

Lucky you! We have plenty of ways for them to show their Barista pride, from our Cremone long-sleeve shirt to our ‘mural’ crewneck, and even socks!

Looking for more ways to treat the coffee lovers you know? Head to our website!

Happy Holidays from the entire Barista team! Peace, love, and coffee to all.

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