With our MyCoffee membership program, you’ll never run out of coffee again! Receive freshly roasted coffee, delivered right to your door as often as you want. You’ll also enjoy a 15% discount on regular-priced coffee at all times. The amount will be charged to your credit card based on the delivery schedule you choose (weekly to once every six weeks). We offer free delivery in Quebec and Ontario with the purchase of at least 1 kg of coffee. A MyCoffee membership is commitment free, meaning you can change the delivery schedule, products, quantity, or type of grind at any time at least 24 hours before the next scheduled delivery.

A MyCoffee membership also offers exclusive features such as free samples of our seasonal, limited-edition coffees so that you can try them before they’re released in our online store. When you sign up, you’ll have access to our private Facebook group only for MyCoffee members. In this group, you’ll find exclusive content and contests, sneak peeks, free masterclass videos and more!

When signing up, you’ll have to select the desired delivery schedule, which can be anywhere from weekly to once every six weeks. You can change this schedule at any time.

At any time, in your account settings, you can cancel your membership, change the desired quantity or blend of coffee, as well as accelerate, postpone, suspend or cancel a delivery.

Promo codes cannot be applied to recurring orders. Members already receive a 15% discount on the regular price of orders.


We offer bicycle delivery in certain areas only. We’re working to make this service available in other areas as soon as possible. By choosing this delivery method, you’re helping us reduce our environmental footprint. We offer bicycle delivery to the following postal codes: H1V, H1W, H1X, H1Y, H2A, H2E, H2G, H2H, H2J, H2K, H2P, H2R, H2S, H2T, H2V, H2W, H2X, H2Y, H2Z, H2L, H2M, H2N, H3A, H3B, H3C, H3G, H3H, H3J, H3K, H3N, H3P, H3R, H3Z, H4C, H4G, H4Z, H4E.

There are two ways to decaffeinate coffee: the chemical method or the natural method. We use naturally decaffeinated beans through a process commonly known as “Swiss Water Decaf.”

Coffee is sensitive to light and temperature variations. This is why we recommend keeping it in an opaque airtight container at room temperature.

A filter coffee contains more caffeine than an espresso. The longer your coffee is in contact with water, the more caffeine it will retain. Don’t confuse the strength of an espresso with its caffeine content! It’s the extraction of oils (i.e. the crema in an espresso) that gives a coffee its strong taste. An espresso extraction, which takes about 25 seconds, does not retain much caffeine. A filter coffee contains about three times more caffeine than an espresso.