Dirty Chai Latte Recipe

September 29, 2021 1 min read

Recette de latte «dirty chai» - Café Barista

This Dirty Chai latte recipe is undoubtedly the ultimate comfort drink. We love making this spiced latte on the chilliest days and calmly sipping it by the fire with a good book! That’s the dream!

If you still aren’t familiar with the Dona Masala Chai Concentrate, it’s time you discovered it. Add it to your milk before frothing to get a café au lait with a nice hint of spice. This is our favourite by far! Below you will find our Dirty Chai latte recipe!

dona masala chai concentrate


(Makes 1 latte)


  1. In a latte glass, pull 1 oz. of espresso.

  2. Pour 4 oz. of milk into a frothing pitcher and add 2 oz. of Dona Masala Chai Concentrate.

  3. Froth the milk until it makes a nice microfoam.

  4. Finish the latte by pouring the milk microfoam and concentrate over the espresso.

  5. Enjoy!

Now, all that is left is for us to wish you happy sipping!

For more caffeinated recipes, visit the recipes section of our blog! If you like this recipe, you will definitely like our pumpkin spice latte recipe as well as our apple cinnamon latte recipe!

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