Mexico’s Best Coffee

November 06, 2020 3 min read

Les meilleurs cafés du Mexique - Café Barista

With its vast forests, blissful beaches, vibrant culture, fascinating history, magnificent sunsets, and colourful festivals, Mexico has so much to offer! Though many of us find refuge on Mexican beaches during the harsh winter months, it is so much more than just a seaside destination. It is also, an excellent place to enjoy delicious Mexican coffee! Are you a fan of coffee and adventure? Our expert barista and barista trainer Audrey spent three weeks exploring the Baja Peninsula and its wonderful little coffee shops.

This dream vacation inspired her to create our new line of limited-edition coffees: 100% Mexico! She loves Mexican coffee because it is light and just a little bit acidic. They are also coffees that can be round, easy to drink, naturally sweet, or slightly floral with notes of jasmine and hibiscus!

Audrey also shared with us her list of must-see cafes. Here are her recommendations for your next trip to Mexico.

Coffee Lab Café au Mexique

Coffee Lab in San Jose Del Cabo

Coffee Lab is Audrey’s number-one favourite café! Far from the popular tourist areas, this charming cafe is nestled in a courtyard in the historic part of San Jose Del Cabo. Named Coffee Lab in honour of the Labrador dog who hangs out there, this coffee shop is owned by an architect who, in his quest to find a good café in the area decided to open one up right under his office! The food they serve is just as delicious as the exclusively Mexican-grown coffee they roast in the small-batch coffee roaster that they have right there in the cafe.

Coffee Lab Café au Mexique

The Breakdown

Located in the Villa Valentina complex, The Breakdown shares a beautiful courtyard with some little boutiques and a taco place. It’s a perfect spot for simply enjoying a cup of coffee. It is also known for its music, notably the music-filled evenings that take place there. The coffee they serve is also from Mexico, however, it is not roasted on-site. Audrey tried the classic cold brew and the Cold Brew Horchata made with rice milk and cinnamon. That’s when she fell in love with the drink and decided to create her own recipe inspired by the one she tried in this Mexican café.

The Breakdown Cold Brew Mexique
The Breakdown Café Mexique

Baja Beans Café

In Todos Santos, Audrey enjoyed the Baya Beans Café, which also has a beautiful courtyard. While she was there, she tried a latte and a pour-over coffee, both of which were delicious. It’s a simple place where there are a few more tourists, however the flavours and the experience were still very much authentic.

Baja Beans café Mexique

Big Sur Café

Let’s head to La Paz to the Big Sur Cafe, right by the water in an area that has a bohemian feel and where there are many surfers. The place’s style and image reflect the area’s overall vibe, a place where street art and murals are as popular as surfing. This charming café is the perfect place to stop and get a caffeine refill before taking a stroll along the seafront.

Big Sur Café Mexique

La Sirena Baja Café

La Sirena Baja Café is nestled in the heart of a quiet neighbourhood whose colourful houses and warm people make for a charming and pleasant place to take in an evening. In this little neighbourhood, where most people get around by golf cart, which adds to the overall charm of the place, Audrey had a coffee that she says is one of the top three best coffees she has ever had in her entire life! And that’s saying something because she is always on the lookout for new coffee moments, and loves to try all sorts of coffees! So it is safe to say that she truly fell head over heels for this café, the charming neighbourhood it’s in, and the coffee they served.

All great places to take note of to make some awesome new discoveries the next time you’re in Mexico!

Sirena Baja café Mexique

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