Au Pain Doré: Know-How, Passion, and Tradition

September 16, 2020 2 min read

Au Pain Doré: savoir-faire, passion et tradition - Café Barista

A fixture on the Montreal landscape for more than six decades, Au Pain Doré is a friendly bakery that offers its neighbourhood community authentic and quality gourmet products prepared on site.

The teams at their various locations are always keen to pass on their bakery’s know-how and traditions, and to share their passion for their products with their loyal customers.

Rooted in Family!

In 1951, Odette and Roland Etienne immigrated to Canada with their two young children, Joëlle and Jean-Marc. A few years later, in 1956, they opened the very first Boulangerie Au Pain Doré at 6838 Marquette Street in Montreal, where they quickly cultivated a clientele of restaurants and hotel owners, from the most effective form of advertising: word of mouth.

In the early ‘80s, Jean-Marc, and his wife Diane, took over the business and made Au Pain Doré how we know it today: a bakery with many points of sale, that currently has seven bakeries where passion, tradition, and know-how continue to come together for customers’ enjoyment.

In 2008, the bakery caught the attention of the Le Duff Group, a French company with the same ambition as the Etienne’s: to develop a passion for all things good. And so, Au Pain Doré became a member of this great family and continues to grow today.

Delivering a Quality Coffee Experience!

Although Au Pain Doré has seen its menu evolve over time, it always offers customers that same traditional local coffee experience. To our great joy, their team selected our coffee to accompany their pastries and their desserts, that are always prepared on site at their various locations. The objective behind this partnership? To give the bakery's customers a quality coffee experience while supporting a local business. This decision was made quite naturally thanks to our two companies’ shared values: know-how, tradition, and passion for quality!

You’ll find the following coffees at various Au Pain Doré stores: Cremone, Decaffeinated Espresso, Nero and Dolce; a deliberately varied selection to satisfy all tastes and palates!

You can enjoy them right now at all Au Pain Doré bakeries!

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