Amélie Kretz: from Tokyo to latte art!

September 10, 2021 2 min read

Amélie Kretz : de Tokyo au latte art! - Café Barista

On August 26th, 2021, in a small group, we cried a happy mix of the word’s “surprise” and “bravo”, behind our masks when Amélie entered the coffee shop. Only one emotion was visible on the faces of some of her family members, her training team, and our coffee gang who were on site: pure pride. Maybe we couldn’t have a big celebration, but Alex and the team wanted to acknowledge and celebrate Amélie’s incredible adventure in Tokyo! It’s not every day that history is made with the best performance by a female Canadian athlete in the triathlon. Not only is Amélie an inspiring woman and athlete, she is also a fighter and an extremely determined and resilient person, and we wanted to mark the occasion and tell her that we were proud of her and her journey.

When Alex became Amélie’s coach, he made her a promise: after she participated in the Tokyo Games, he would give her a Rocket Espresso machine, so that she could take her morning coffee game to the next level. This is why on August 26th, 2021, Alex and Enrico gave Amélie her very own, brand new, Rocket Appartamento machine! Beyond just this much-awaited gift (we completely understand Amélie, Rockets make the best coffee in the world), it was an emotional gathering. Indeed, it is a huge accomplishment to recover from an injury, spend months of the pandemic training at home and swimming in a pool in the garage, qualifying for Tokyo just a few weeks before the Games and finishing 15th in the women’s individual triathlon, as well as putting out the best performance by a female Canadian athlete in history!

Amélie had stars in her eyes and passion in her heart when she speaks about Paris 2024, and at Barista, our entire team is very happy and proud to continue supporting her in reaching her goals and accomplishing her dreams. Did you know that you too can help Amélie in her quest for excellence? For each kilo of Amélie Kretz coffee sold both in-store and online, $5 will be donated directly to her.

Between now and the Paris Games, Amélie has challenged herself to learn latte art like a real barista at home with her new Rocket machine and her Barista Guide! We invite you to follow us on Facebook and see the progress she makes in the coming weeks in a video series that she has proudly titled #roadtolatteart!

You can follow Amélie’s sporting career on Facebook and Instagram!

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