Stone Bottomless Portafilter


Durable and handcrafted in Italy by STONE, this bottomless portafilter extracts excellent espressos and allows you to calibrate the extraction parameters. 

It's also known as the “naked portafilter”. It's aptly named, as it allows baristas to analyze espresso extraction more accurately than with a spouted filter holder. For example, the filter allows the user to see if there is any channeling, if the grind is correct, or if the coffee has been pressed incorrectly. 

In addition to the ability to observe the espresso, the bottomless portafilter holder also allows the crema to be retained in its entirety, instead of losing a small part of it in the transfer to the spouts. This is not only practical for latte art, but also improves the taste of the coffee. 

The bottomless portafilter is also much easier to clean than its spouted cousin. No brush needed, just a good scrubbing sponge. It also offers more space under the brewing unit, allowing you to use taller glasses when making your espresso.