Barista Micro-Roastery’s Eco-Friendly Shift

January 15, 2021 1 min read

Le virage écoresponsable de Barista Microtorréfacteur - Café Barista

For some time now, our Barista team has been making an eco-friendly shift. We have made it our goal to find sustainable solutions to reduce our environmental impact in our ongoing projects and the new ones we are undertaking. And we have a lot of projects on the go! This is why we have decided to make it part of our mission to make an eco-friendlier world.

Espace Café et Boutique de Barista Microtorréfacteur

Reducing Packaging: New Coffee Bags

We recently released new coffee bags! This new packaging allows us to cut down on up to 35% of the materials used per bag, depending on the size. We have reduced the amount of excess packaging by removing the sleeves around the bags, but also by making them resealable, allowing you to repackage the coffee after opening the bag. On our online store, you can also now buy 2.5 kg bags, reducing the number of bags used if you want a larger quantity of coffee!

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