How to Make an Old-fashioned Cold Brew?

October 13, 2017 2 min read

Comment faire un old-fashioned au cold brew? - Café Barista

Calling all old-fashioned lovers! Add a shot of caffeine to this legendary cocktail to discover a whole new side of it. This version will quickly become your favourite!

cold brew old fashionned final recipe result

A Brief History

A classic old-fashioned normally contains 2 ½ oz. of American whisky, a sugar cube or a bar spoon of simple syrup, ice, and an orange peel garnish. It is also traditionally made right in the glass, no shaker.

This cocktail is one of the oldest that we can trace back, and today it is one of the most popular. When it was created in the second half of the 19th century in Kentucky, it was called the Whisky cocktail and it could be made with rye or bourbon. Over time, it became the Whisky old fashioned, then simply the old-fashioned.

Some people say that the television show Mad Men, where the main character was often shown with an old-fashioned in hand, contributed to making the cocktail even more popular in recent years. Was this the case for you?

Why Cold Brew Coffee?

In the list of ingredients, you can see that we have two options: one with cold brew coffee and cold brew coffee syrup, and another with espresso and simple syrup. We prefer the first option, because the cold brew is very flavourful, but without the bitterness. This is important when making cocktails, where controlling the level bitterness is key. Also, as the original old-fashioned normally has Angostura bitters, the coffee acts as a perfect replacement.

Additionally, cold brew is very easy to make. Basically, you mix a coarsely-ground coffee with water, let it brew for around 24 hours, filter it, and voilà!

old fashioned cold brew ingredients


  • 2 oz. rye or bourbon

  • 1 oz. cold brew coffee + ½ oz. cold brew coffee syrup* OR ¾ oz. brewed espresso + ½ oz. simple syrup

  • An orange peel or slice

  • Ice cubes


  1. Put all the ingredients into a shaker with lots of ice.

  2. Shake for 5 seconds.

  3. Put the ice cubes (or even better, one huge cube) into an old-fashioned glass (short and wide), then pour the coffee mixture on top, holding back the ice cubes in the shaker. You can use a cocktail strainer to help you with this step.

  4. Garnish with the orange peel or slice.

*To make the cold brew syrup, use 500 mL of cold brew coffee and 500 g of sugar (1 part water to one part sugar). Bring the cold brew to a boil, then add the sugar and let it dissolve. Let cool completely before serving.

pouring the old fashioned cold brew in a glass

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