My First Café: Café Orr

June 14, 2019 3 min read

Mon premier café : Café Orr - Café Barista

There’s magic in the bonds made between humans. It’s fascinating and captivating to witness how these connections are made. As far as Daniel Burt is concerned, the perfect place for observing and making connections is in a café. This was what motivated him to open his café in Montreal, café ORR. Creating this new spot was an adventure unlike any other. The atmosphere and the décor perfectly tell his story.

Once Upon a Time…

The desire to open a café came from his parents. It had been his mother’s dream throughout his childhood and keeping this in mind, he always stopped in at cafés everywhere he visited. No matter the country, language, or culture, cafés bring people together and encourage connection. Daniel considers cafés to be an extension of living rooms, and believes that that is what makes them so inviting. His fascination with human connections and his love for cafés has always been a part of him. Daniel’s dream came to fruition in Montreal when he opened his first café, Café ORR!

Steps from Dream to Reality

1 – The Perfect Spot

Daniel’s first step was to look at commercial spaces with the hope of coming across the perfect spot; one that would make his imagination run wild. The location he ended up choosing was in Montreal, in the neighbourhood of Rosemont. It’s perfect because it’s an up-and-coming neighbourhood bursting with creativity.

2 – The Name

Daniel had a clear idea about what his café would be named. First, he wanted it to be meaningful and to symbolize the relationships between the people inside. He also wanted the name to be original, even a bit unusual. Café ORR hit the nail on the head, as it was his daughter’s name, Orr, and it means light in Hebrew.

3 – The Atmosphere

Because the place needed some work and Daniel has a background in architecture, he was able to create the look he wanted. He tapped into the local art scene to decorate the space by commissioning a mural by Montreal artist Stikki Peaches. And because of its unique layout, a place for ‘new genre public art’ was also born. The café’s identity is reflected in its imperfect or unfinished details. Overall, it’s an exceptional and inviting place.

4 – The Concept

The perfect place to let creativity run wild, a place where Montreal artists were put at the forefront of culture. And as a little extra attraction, Café ORR holds free movie screenings every evening. The film selection emphasizes local artists and introduces people to the classics. The baristas are budding directors or actors from the Montreal art scene and Daniel allows his employees to balance their work and their artistic ambitions!

5 – Choosing the Coffee

This is a highly important step as Daniel only serves coffee that he has meticulously chosen for his clients. In his travels, he not only enjoyed exploring new places but also tasting local coffee. Flavour and quality are of the utmost importance at Café ORR. At the café, Gran Barista coffee is carefully prepared and is delicious whether it’s served as a latte or as an espresso.

A Dream Come True

Café ORR is the perfect place to enjoy a delicious coffee all while getting work done, sharing creative ideas, or checking out a new movie! Opening a coffee shop started as just a dream that Daniel had, but it came true. Café ORR is all that he imagined it would be and more! The café’s inviting feel is palpable, and everyone fits in, and best of all it has inspired so many creative interactions and connections. It is never a surprise to see people meeting there, and from that chance encounter make completely new partnerships. This unique space brings out the creativity in us all, and now that you know, why not share in it over a cup of coffee?

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