Interview with Café Mucho Mucho

December 19, 2017 3 min read

Entrevue avec le café Mucho Mucho - Café Barista

Amélie sat down to chat with Carolane Perreault, owner and founder of Café Mucho Mucho on Rosemont Boulevard.

What’s the Story Behind Mucho Mucho?

It’s a project I had been considering for a long time. Not a café, necessarily, but to start a food-related business. When I graduated from high school, my mother told me “don’t do that, it doesn’t make any sense. The food industry is too challenging” so, I worked in psychiatry for four years and I didn’t enjoy it all that much. Then, I met my boyfriend, who was also interested in the food industry, and one day he said, “I think a little café would be cool”.

I got to a point where I couldn’t stand my job any longer. One day, I called my boyfriend, crying, saying I was fed up and wanted to do something about it. He said, “okay, I hear you. Let’s do it”, the next morning, I handed in my resignation at the hospital, registered for a business startup course, and went from there. I met Alex [Sereno] who inspired me to dive into the world of coffee.

Where Does the Name Come From?

It’s something I would often say to my boyfriend and friends when I was hungry: “I’m mucho mucho hungry!”, I said it as a joke, but when I decided to open the café, I felt it would make for a charming name. Plus, it’s easy to remember!

What is a Must on Your Menu?

The mocha. We use real chocolate melts for a unique taste. I get a ton of positive feedback on the hot chocolate and mocha. It’s a drink that represents what I love, and people come back for more.

What are Your Company Values?

I would say that customer service is a top priority. When I hire my staff, I always try to find cheerful people my patrons can relate to. This way, when they come in, they feel good and get great service. Remember, I studied in social work! Those human values really shine through at the café.

How Would You Describe Your Clientele?

My clientele is very diverse, especially being on Rosemont Boulevard. I think word of mouth is what really helped me build up my customer base. I get students, families, and seniors, so it’s hard to pinpoint one specific clientele.

What is Your Favourite Type of Coffee?

I really enjoy a cortado. It offers all the coffee taste without being too strong. It’s what I drink just about every day! Espresso too, but that’s mostly when I have a headache.

What is Your Favourite Time to Enjoy One?

When I’m with a friend, or with my boyfriend, and we have time for a good chat. Any time of day really, but I prefer mine in the morning or early afternoon.

Facebook or Instagram, and Why?

Good question! Before opening my café, I didn’t know the first thing about Instagram since I wasn’t very active on social media. Now that I don’t have a choice, I would say I actually prefer Instagram. As for Facebook, I find it offers more real content. It’s quick, and you can see everything at a glance.

Was Opening Mucho Mucho a Dream Come True for You?

Definitely. It’s something I had in mind for a very long time. Honestly, I wasn’t sure I would ever do it, but I think I had to be in a place where I was no longer happy in order to make the jump. It’s a ton of work, long hours, and a big investment, but nothing has ever felt so right. Having employees alone is a challenge. Everything is a challenge for me. It’s my biggest project ever.

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