How to Use a Clever Dripper

August 10, 2017 3 min read

Comment utiliser un «clever dripper» ? - Café Barista

You’re probably familiar with the standard dripper, a straightforward, tried-and-true brewing method. But have you heard of the alternative, the clever dripper? Thanks to a stopper valve preventing water from dripping into the cup, it gives you full control of the brewing time. If you enjoy a much stronger coffee, this filter system is for you.

The dripper is a simple and efficient brewing system that can be found in many coffee shops and online. Several models of various qualities are available, but the differences between them are subtle.

Cleaning your dripper couldn’t be easier: simply wash with soap and water, or if you’re using a ceramic model, let the dishwasher do the work for you.

History of the Dripper

The original dripper made its appearance at the start of the last century, hundreds of years after coffee was first discovered. German entrepreneur Melitta Bentz got the idea of preparing coffee using a paper filter fitted into a brass holder with holes at its base. She was a visionary: her dripper production business, founded in 1908, is now a multinational company. In the 1930s, the dripper and paper filter took their iconic conical shape. Early prototypes for the dripper had eight holes. But around 1960, after several trials, Bentz decided to focus on producing a one-hole model.

The dripper is used to make pour-over coffee, which is not only tasty but also incredibly quick and easy to make. This brewing system is also perfect for tasting special or single-origin coffee, as it brings out the more subtle flavours of the beans. Plus, considering the excellent results it provides, the dripper is highly affordable.

The clever dripper only made its appearance in recent years and offers an even easier way to prepare coffee. It’s easy to maintain and can be found online for about thirty dollars. However, these types of drippers are often made of plastic, eliminating any heat retention qualities when compared to the standard dripper.

Flavour profile

Coffee made with a clever dripper is similar to that made with a regular dripper, except it is slightly more robust given that the coffee brews longer in the water.

For a clever dripper, the ground coffee beans used are similar to those for drip coffee makers, or slightly coarser. Since the coffee and water are in prolonged contact, coarser beans are required despite the filter’s ability to hold them.

How to use the clever dripper

  1. Place the dripper on top of a mug.

  2. Fold down the corner of the paper filter before placing it inside the dripper.

  3. Boil some water, then pour it into a teapot. Once the water has cooled to 95°C (approximately 5 minutes), wet the filter, then dump out the water that has fallen into the mug.

  4. Place ground coffee into the filter. Use the following formula to calculate the quantity of coffee and water needed: 400 mL of water = 27 g of coffee (3 heaping tablespoons).

  5. Make a small well in the centre of the ground coffee. The quantity of coffee grounds used and their roasting profile will determine your coffee’s flavour profile.

  6. Pour water over the coffee in a circular pattern, from the outside to the inside. The coffee will release its gases by making small bubbles, a reaction called blooming. You can gently stir the coffee around with a spoon.

  7. Put the top on the dripper, then wait for the desired amount of time. The average is 3-4 minutes, but the advantage of the clever dripper is that you can choose to wait longer for a fuller-bodied coffee, or vice versa.

  8. Next, place the dripper over the mug of your choice. The coffee will begin to drip.

  9. Once the coffee has finished dripping, it’s ready to enjoy!

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