How to Make a Macchiato?

January 05, 2024 2 min read

Comment faire un macchiato? - Café Barista

The history of the macchiato

To understand the origin of the macchiato, it is necessary to know that in Italian, the word “macchiato” means “stained” or “marked”. It is believed that the invention of the coffee macchiato is attributable to Italian baristas around the 80s. They would have invented the macchiato in order to differentiate a simple espresso from an espresso containing a little milk, to facilitate the task of the servers .

The macchiato is a classic of Italian culture. Knowing that it is not customary to order a cappuccino after 11 a.m. in Italy due to its heaviness, the macchiato, considered a kind of mini-cappuccino, is the perfect alternative to enjoy at any time of the day!

Macchiato recipe

Proportions of the macchiato

  1. ½ d’espresso

  2. ½ foam

  3. A splash of hot milk

Preparing the macchiato

  1. Froth the milk as if to obtain cappuccino foam and let it rest

  2. Grind 9g to 11g (short simple espresso) or 18g to 20g (short double espresso) of espresso coffee.

  1. Extract a short single espresso or a double short espresso.

  2. Pour one or two (depending on the volume of espresso) tablespoons of hot milk into the espresso.

  3. Add one or two large tablespoons of milk foam on top, respecting the ratio.

  4. enjoy!

The macchiato foam

  1. Place the stem in the milk up to halfway up the steam nozzle

  2. Turn on the steam to maximum power

  3. Lower the pitcher to keep the nozzle on the surface

  4. Froth the milk until it reaches a temperature of around 140F (60C)

  5. Remove the pitcher and clean the nozzle

  6. Let the foam sit for a few seconds

How to make a macchiato

Preparing macchiato is quite simple and is closely similar to the preparation of the cappuccino. We add a small quantity of milk to a short espresso (single or double), we top it all off with rich and creamy milk foam and that's it. The recipe can change from one place to another, so it may be relevant to express your expectations to the barista in order to obtain what you want.

As mentioned above, the macchiato can be simple or double. The proportions remain the same, but the quantities of each ingredient are adjusted (espresso, hot milk and foam).

The macchiato coffee is great for someone who wants a beverage that is halfway between a cappuccino and an espresso. It’s a simple way to render an espresso more delicate, or make the cappuccino we’re used to stronger!

Variations of macchiato

There are several variations of the macchiato, including one that combines latte and macchiato, the latte macchiato! This is made up of around a cup of frothed milk, which is stained with a dose of espresso. This creates a much more delicate and creamy beverage. Caramel latte macchiato and vanilla latte macchiato are also extremely trendy among those who want to treat their sweet tooth. Moreover, in summer it is very popular to enjoy the cold macchiato, in fact the iced macchiato is a must on hot days! In short, the macchiato is available in a multitude of variations that will certainly satisfy each of your desires!

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