How to Make Cold Brew at Home

June 07, 2024 3 min read

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In recent years, cold coffees have been very popular. There are many cold coffee recipes, but one has received the most attention: cold brew.

Even though cold brew has existed for several centuries, the cold brew craze only began recently. This brewing method takes longer but allows coffee lovers to get quite different notes in their coffee while also enjoying a refreshing drink.

Some cafés and roasteries even have their own ready-to-drink cold brew coffee, but keep an eye on the sugar content! Some establishments serve a variation called a nitro cold brew, which is infused with nitrogen. Visually, this beverage looks a lot like a Guinness!

Bartenders love cold brew as it can add bitterness to cocktails. Some use the product as is, while others make it into a syrup to add a touch of sweetness. Also, as cold brew can keep for several days, this makes it a practical ingredient for eating establishments.

A Brief History of Cold Brew Coffee

Cold brewing of coffee beans didn’t start yesterday. Its roots can be traced back to Japan in the 1600s! However, it seems that it was Scottish merchants who initially showed the Japanese their way of making coffee on their boat…

However, this process did not arrive in North America for a very long time. Only in recent years, have coffee lovers been looking for new ways to enjoy their favourite beverage, which is why we have seen an increase in popularity of cold coffee, and thus cold brew. It is one of the most recent methods here, but don’t make the mistake of overlooking it because it allows you to make coffee that is the least bitter; due to the different chemical reactions that occur when making it.

If you are a micro-roastery coffee lover, you will definitely like cold brew coffee. Even if you aren’t, this article might pique your interest. This very simple technique will allow you to extract new notes and flavours, due to the long brewing process.

If you want to try this technique at home, here are the steps you need to follow to successfully make your first cold brew!

What You Need to Make Cold Brew

First option:

  • 1 lb (454 g) of a Cold Brew blend

  • 2 L of room temperature water

  • Airtight glass container

Second option:

  • 225 g of a COLD BREW blend

  • 1 L of room temperature water

  • Airtight glass container

*You can choose another coffee blend with a darker roast; it’s a matter of personal taste.

The Steps

  1. Coarsely grind the coffee and put it in an airtight glass container or a French press. For both options we recommend using a French press grind.

  2. Add the water. It will bubble, this is normal.

  3. Brew.

  4. Close the container and let it brew for twelve hours at room temperature.

  5. Filter the mixture using a coffee filter in a strainer, or if you used a French press, simply press down on the piston.

You have to admit, it’s pretty simple right? The hardest thing is waiting the twelve hours until the brewing process is finished. Then, all you have to do is add some ice cubes and add your milk, sugar, etc. to taste. Don’t forget to keep the cold brew in the fridge! It will keep for a week, maximum.

To Make Your Iced Coffee

  1. In a glass, add ice, one-part cold brew and one-part cold water.

  2. Flavour your beverage as preferred (milk, plant-based beverage, sugar, maple syrup, etc.).

  3. For a less intense flavour, simply dilute the COLD BREW concentrate by adding more cold water to your beverage. Enjoy!

Some Tips

A quick note about the water: you can use regular tap water or filtered water (from a bottle or the built in filter in your fridge, for example). The results will be slightly different depending on the option you choose, but just know that both will work very well!

You can also add spices (i.e., cinnamon) or orange zest to add flavour to your coffee while it’s brewing.

Finally, you can also make a simple syrup version for use in your cocktails, or to go with ice cream, or even for your pancakes! All you need to do is reduce one part sugar and one-part cold brew in a pot. Once you’ve brought the liquid to a boil, all you have to do is remove it from the heat and let it cool.

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