How to make a Mocha?

April 05, 2024 2 min read

Comment faire un moka? - Café Barista

With its rich, chocolaty flavor, the mocha is a true classic that appeals to coffee lovers around the world. Its origin, while somewhat nebulous, is steeped in a fascinating history that is worth exploring. Here, we tell you more about its origin, in addition to giving you the recipe for a perfect mocha!

The history of the mocha

To trace the origins of the chocolaty beverage, it is crucial to go back to the root of its name, which refers to a specific type of Arabica coffee originating from Yemen; Moka (Mokka or Mocha). The name of the bean "Mocha" is directly linked to the port city of Mocha (or Mokha), which played a crucial role as a historic coffee export center.

The exact origin of the mocha drink remains somewhat mysterious, although we know the origin of its name. Some argue that it would have seen the light of day in this same port city, which also exported cocoa at that time. The idea of ​​a marriage between coffee, chocolate, and spices would have emerged, giving birth to this unique recipe. Its preparation would then have evolved in European cafés, thus shaping the mocha as we know it today.

Mocha recipe



  1. Pour 2 teaspoons of melted chocolate into a cup.

  2. Grind +/- 18g of espresso coffee.

  3. Cast a double short espresso on the chocolate and mix well.

  4. Microfoam the milk or vegetable drink.

  5. Finish the mocha by pouring the microfoam over the syrup and espresso mixture.

  6. Decorate with cocoa powder.

  7. Enjoy!

Variations of mocha coffee

The mocha also offers a variety of variations, each as delicious as the next. Whether you opt for a refreshing iced mocha, prefer to change the taste profile by adding white chocolate, or let yourself be tempted by more daring flavors like a mint chocolate mocha or with a hint of lavender, there is a version of mocha for every taste preference. As for the ones with a sweet tooth, the mocha s’mores, with its decadent flavors, will satisfy your sweet cravings. Whatever your preferences, the classic mocha coffee or one of its variations, a delicious experience awaits you!

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