Visit ES Café Lauzon; the Ultimate Student Café

March 05, 2020 2 min read

Visite du ES Café Lauzon, un café parfait pour les étudiants - Café Barista

There can never be too many hangouts for study or work, so here's the perfect spot: the ES Café Lauzon, one of the three branches of ES Café in Lévis.

ES Café Lauzon is one of the region's most popular cafés and coffee shops, often listed among the best places to bring your laptop, have a coffee, and catch up on work. The reasons for its popularity: a super-friendly ambiance, amazing coffee (although we’re not exactly objective), and a pleasant, cheerful staff. Are you planning a team meeting? There's plenty of seating to go around!


ES Café Lauzon opened its doors a few years ago, in June 2015. This was the second ES Café, established in Lévis since 2009, with locations already in Saint-Romuald and Saint-Nicolas. You would think that expanding the number of locations would dilute the concept, but in fact it's the opposite; the ES brand is stronger than ever and each café has remained faithful to its regional roots, with the same high-quality products and customer service.

ES Café was founded by Stéphanie Fortin, who is still president of the company. For the Lauzon location, she partnered with Marie-Claude Racine as a co-owner. Out of the three cafés, Lauzon is a favourite with students from the nearby Cégep de Lévis and local coffee-loving professionals. The highlight of this locale is its bright room and uncluttered decor, which creates the perfect environment for efficiency.

ES Café Menu

Aside from excellent coffee, the menu includes a variety of great food options (just like the other two ES Cafés). From pastries to lunch boxes, everything is homemade in the kitchen. There’s only one exception to the rule: the bread comes from Boulangerie Michel Gauvin! Stéphanie and Marie-Claude have made it their priority to support local businesses, artisans, and producers in their choice of suppliers.

The signature breakfast plates, liberally garnished with fruit, and the carrot cake, are must-haves for any lover of flavour!

ES Café treats have become so popular in-store that Stephanie decided to launch a take-home line. Next time, you can leave with a bottle of homemade salad dressing, or a bag of signature granola.

Psstt! If you tend to be more productive in the evening, check out ES Café Lauzon. The café is open late, Monday to Sunday. You can also enjoy a glass of wine with your work session!

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