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August 21, 2020 3 min read

Nos coups de coeur lecture café - Café Barista

Are you a caffeine fiend who also loves reading? If you’re like us and said yes, then you should check out our favourite books that are all about coffee! Each of these books reveal the secrets of the coffee world in different ways. Whether you prefer lattes, cappuccinos, espressos, or filter coffee, we invite you to make a cup of your favourite coffee and settle in to a cozy spot to spend the next few hours turning the page between sips. Happy reading!

Caféine; Sarah-Émilie Nault

Caféine, by Sarah-Émilie Nault is a must-read and a crown jewel of books about the world of coffee. If you haven’t picked it up yet, we recommend it for its list of exceptional coffee shops and its enlightening section on the story of how coffee goes from plant into your cup. Keep a pen nearby because you will probably want to take note of some of the coffee shops mentioned in this book, and as you read on you’ll start to feel like you are also getting to know the people in these coffee shops, and in the industry as a whole, through the captivating interviews and biographies that Sarah-Émilie Nault conducts. Keep this book on the coffee table to consult it whenever the urge for more coffee information strikes!

Cafés; Jean-Michel Dufaux

His intense love for coffee is renowned, and now our good friend Jean-Michel Dufaux has written an entire book about it! A true globetrotter and latte lover, he has visited over twenty countries around the world to discover the best lattes that they have to offer. Through his magnificent book, filled with beautiful photos from his travels, Jean-Michel shares his favourite drinks and the best cafés in the cities he has visited. This inspiring book makes a perfect gift for anyone who loves to travel and who always says yes to another cup of delicious specialty coffee!

Every Issue of Corsé Magazine

Extremely passionate about coffee, the team behind Corsé Magazine writes for all coffee lovers, whatever their level of expertise. What matters is that they love coffee and want to discover this vast but oh-so-fascinating topic. Every issue of this magazine includes articles about: the current issues in the world of coffee, barista bios, brewing and extraction techniques, and a wide variety of other coffee-related topics. In short, this magazine is an essential part of any coffee reading list. Each issue tackles different topics and helps readers make new discoveries, all packed into a minimalist and inspirational design.


This one is a personal favourite, and not just because we wrote it! In Le Guide du Barista : les essentiels pour déguster les meilleurs cafés à la maison, we share our tips and tricks to help you make delicious specialty coffees from the comfort of your own home. This practical book includes techniques for pulling the perfect espresso, pointers for choosing the right equipment, and guides for knowing the different manual brewing systems, all of which will help you become a coffee pro at home.

Le Guide du Latte Art

If you enjoyed Le Guide du Barista : les essentiels pour déguster les meilleurs cafés à la maison and want to expand your barista techniques by learning how to make beautiful latte art, Le Guide du latte art might be the perfect book to help you really hone your technique!

Learn all there is to know about different grinds and roasting profiles for your caffeinated drinks, our advice on essential equipment for latte art, the techniques of making latte art, the steps to follow to make nine different designs in your morning lattes, and much much more!

For quick tips, on-the-go advice, or a sudden yearning to browse all of our blog articles, we recommend visiting the blog section of our website!

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