This is Not Chocolate!

April 07, 2023 2 min read

Ceci n'est pas du chocolat! - Café Barista

Coffola is coffee magically made to have a chocolate-like texture! Creating an innovative and unique tasting experience.

Created in Geneva in 2020 by Bertrand Baud and Mathias Matti, La Coffolaterie is a young company which has been a resounding success amongst coffee lovers. Starting as a simple joke between friends, the initially crazy-sounding idea actually became a reality!

As they were not part of the food industry, the two co-founders ventured well outside pre-established norms to create a completely innovative product from scratch. They reasoned that as cocoa and coffee are two very bitter tasting products when consumed in their pure form that they could probably find a way to process coffee beans so as to give them a similar texture to cacao beans, and thus an equally charming taste once processed into ‘chocolate’. Through trial and error and their expertise in coffee and chocolate, they eventually developed this extraordinary new product.

The Collaboration

We were immediately enthralled by this new coffee-bean product, and wanted to create our own coffee bar! We first decided that out of our blends Cremone would lend the perfect flavour profile for this experiment (with its already chocolatey richness), and because it is the most widely loved of all our coffee bends!

Making the Bar

After selecting the coffee beans to use, we roasted them according to the directions of our coffolatiers. Then we added milk, sugar, and cocoa butter until we got an exceptionally smooth texture. You read that right; this elegant and sweet bar only has four ingredients! It does not have the usual colouring, soy lecithin, GMOs, preservatives, and is also gluten-free! Once mixed, the soon-to-become bars were tempered and molded to give them their final form: an ode to the Swiss Alps!

Hot Coffola

Can you make a mocha without chocolate? Of course, we tested it right away, and the Cremone bar absolutely does make a delicious mocha-style coffee! Alex will present this newfound recipe at his next Café Show, but we wanted to share this great alternative to a traditional mocha with you right away!


@baristamtl Alex te montre comment faire sa fameuse recette de Coffola chaud! 🍫 Passe nous voir au coffeeshop pour y goûter! 👌 #coffee #coffeetiktok #coffeeaddict #coffola #coffeemtl ♬ r&b loop - Official Sound Studio



(For a 10 ounce cup)

  • 1 large piece of the Cremone bar

  • 1 double short espresso made with your favourite coffee

  • 8 oz of milk foam made from milk or the plant-based beverage of your choice


  1. Place your piece of Cremone coffola in the bottom of the cup.

  2. Pull your double short espresso into a 10-ounce cup.

  3. Let the coffola fully melt into the espresso.

  4. Froth your milk or preferred plant-based beverage like you would for a latte.

  5. Add your foam to your espresso and (bonus) make beautiful latte art.

Happy sipping!

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