Introducing Coco Latté

January 22, 2018 2 min read

Présentation de Coco Latté - Café Barista

The Must-Have Coffee

As the name suggests, it’s a latte! Lattes are the shop’s most popular drink, probably because of their delicate taste and smoothness.

A Signature Product

Smoothies are very popular and can be made lactose-free. According to the friendly owner, the exotic coconut milk smoothie is a customer favourite.

The Concept

Coco Latté is a café for families and offers services that highlight this aspect. There are a variety of workshops offered, from yoga for children, to arts and crafts, to ceramics and painting. The owner is a child educator by training, so the activities have a strong educational quality.

coco latte

Choosing the Name

The goal was to highlight the café aspect, to better market the shop, while using a name that was pleasant to children’s ears. Since this is a place for the whole family, the name needed to be consistent with the concept and had to appeal to everyone! The geometric shapes forming some of the letters in the name are also a nod to the café’s educational aspect.

What’s Offered

The shop offers coffee and smoothie beverages. The food selection is also diverse, with many sandwiches and healthy breakfasts to choose from, including apple grilled cheese, or healthy banana splits.

coco latte cookies

The Environment

Coco Latté is in the heart of Rivière-du-Loup, on Lafontaine Street. This is the small town’s most bustling commercial street where you’ll find restaurants, cafés, and boutiques. It was therefore the perfect place to compliment the new business’ essence, which was already very popular.

The Clientele

The café’s young owner had a clear vision of what she wanted and was able to cater to her favourite clientele: young families! Since Coco Latté is a family café where young and old alike can find something to do, it goes without saying that it attracts is a stalwart in the community for families.

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