Choosing the Right Coffee for You

August 02, 2021 3 min read

Comment choisir son café? - Café Barista

Choosing the coffee that suits your tastes and needs can definitely feel overwhelming with all the options available. Filter or espresso, light or dark, fruity or chocolatey? Check out our tips on selecting the right coffee for your palate.

Method of Preparation

The first step in finding the coffee that will put some pep into your morning routine is determining your preferred preparation method. If you prepare your coffee through extraction, such as with an espresso machine (manual or automatic) or an Italian moka pot, opt for an espresso-type blend. Often a mix of several types of beans, espresso blends have balanced flavours, rich crema and greater viscosity.

If extraction isn’t your go-to and you prefer to prepare your coffee with a manual brewing system (filter coffee, French press, dripper, Chemex, etc.), focus on the aroma and intensity.

To help you find the coffee that suits you best, try either our filter or espresso tasting box; each contains six coffees with different aromatic profiles.

cremone coffee bag by barista coffee roasters

Intensity Level

You will want to choose your roast level according to how strong or mild you like your coffee. The more coffee is roasted, the stronger the flavour. A medium or blond roast coffee will be fruity and mild, but with less body than a dark roast coffee.

In addition to roasting, origin can also have an impact on a coffee’s intensity. For example, South American coffees are usually milder.

Do you prefer filter coffee? Dolce and Marrone are the mildest options in our filter range. On the other hand, if you like very intense coffee, go with Nero, our only black roast coffee.

Are you more of an espresso person? The most intense option in our espresso range is the Cremone. With its dark chocolate aromas and floral finish, Cremone keeps its intensity when mixed with milk. That makes it a delicious choice for a latte or cappuccino. Conversely, Autentico is our most balanced espresso blend, with less intensity than Cremone. This is another delicious option for all your espresso-based beverages.

Bitterness and Acidity

Bitter taste is often confused with acidity. Quality coffee should not be very bitter. Acidity is a description of a coffee’s flavour associated with its origin, but is not related to its quality. You can identify bitterness by its acrid taste, which can leave your mouth feeling dry.

Conversely, acidity is more refreshing and causes your mouth to salivate. Coffee from Central America is often higher in acidity.

If you like your coffee tart, you will definitely like Bio Uno. Its tasting notes of lemon and almond are as delightful in a filter coffee as in an espresso. The Gran Barista is another excellent choice for those who enjoy more acidic flavours in their espresso blends.

bio uno coffee bag

Choosing the Right Aroma

If you like your coffee to have hints of dark chocolate, opt for an African coffee, such as Cremone or Bio Due. Bio Due is available in our filter range and as a blend in our espresso range.

If you prefer more earthy, delicate coffees with a bouquet that evokes mushrooms and wet soil, you will likely enjoy coffee from Oceania (Indonesia to be specific). You can find Jessica, an earthy coffee, on our Discover page, it was created in collaboration with sommelier Jessica Harnois.

If you’re looking for a fruitier taste, a coffee from South America is the way to go. Gran Barista is sure to please with its Guatemalan beans.

The Best Addition to Your Coffee

Intensity and aroma are affected by how much milk and sweetener you add to your coffee. If you add milk and sugar to your coffee, opt for a darker roast. Dark roasts are the perfect choice here since sugar and milk fat greatly reduce a coffee’s acidity.

That said, if you prefer your coffee black, we encourage you to explore coffees from all over with varying roast levels. It’s a great way to discover a world of flavours and aromas. All that’s left is for you to choose!

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