Best Coffee Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

June 12, 2023 3 min read

Nos meilleurs cadeaux caféinés à offrir pour la fête des Pères - Café Barista

This year for Father’s Day, the super dads on our Barista team inspired us to prepare this short, caffeinated gift guide for all the dads out there; because we believe that a day without coffee is a day wasted! Get out your notepad, because here we go!

For the Coffee-Fuelled Dads

If the dad you want to spoil this year is curious and likes to try new things, we suggest gifting him one of our espresso blends!

Don’t know exactly what kind of coffee he likes to drink? Choose one of our two tasting boxesfilter or espresso. Each one contains six 125g bags of our different coffee varieties. These boxes will allow him to discover different coffee and taste profiles. You could even plan a coffee tasting to experience the new flavours and spend quality time together!

mezzo decaf coffee bag

For the Foodie Dads

People are always happy when they have a little treat to nibble on; good thing, too, because we have some very interesting choices on our list!

The Coffee Rub

Created in partnership with Mi Corazon foods, the coffee rubis perfect for putting on meats, tofu, and vegetables! A must-have for the dads who love spending the summer in front of the grill!

coffee rub by barista coffee roasters

The Barista Coffee Bag

For dads in a hurry, or simply those who like to travel, our steeped coffee bags let you brew delicious coffee in less than 5 minutes! With its compostable packaging, this coffee bag is ideal for travel, at the cottage, at the hotel, or simply to always have a coffee on hand. The perfect coffee in three steps: Pour, steep, brew and enjoy.

coffee in a bag by barista

Hot Piri Piri Coffee Sauce

This hot Piri Piri coffee sauce, created in collaboration with Les Aliments Mi Corazon, is a real delight to pair with your favourite spicy dishes and to marinate your grilled meats of choice!

piri piri coffee hot sauce by barista

For a dad with style

Our Barista clothing collection is always a hit among coffee-loving dads. From our socks to our sweaters, you'll find everything you need to please him this Father’s Day.

barista socks

For the ‘Aspiring Barista’ Dads

For a dad who wants to practice his at-home barista skills, we recommend gifting some light reading or some great coffee accessories for Father’s Day this year!

An espresso machine

What's better than a good cup of coffee every time you wake up in the morning? Compact and elegant, the Stone Lite will enable your favourite caffeinated beverage lover to make café-worthy coffee from the comfort of his or her own home. It's also designed not to steal counter space and to match the aesthetics of your kitchen too!

stone espresso machine

Our books

Our two books, the Barista GuideThe Guide to Latte Art and the Coffee-Based Recipes Book (available in French only), are not only good tools for him to perfect his technique, but also to deepen his knowledge of coffee. Both are good reading for passionate individuals, looking to become true at-home baristas!

Livre Le Guide du Latte Art

Our coffee accessories

A new accessory for the coffee corner is always a great gift idea. Level up your dad’s coffee experience with our At-Home Coffee Corner Essentials!

milk pitcher and pistachio milk

If the dad you’re looking to treat likes to make coffee no matter where he is, getting him a manual brewing system could be a great option! Whether it’s a dripper, an Aeropressor even a moka pot, you will find several options on our Accessories page!

aeropress in use

On behalf of the entire coffee gang, we want to wish all the dads a very happy Father’s Day filled with magic, love and coffee!

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