Our Review of the Ascaso Dream PID Espresso Machine

February 22, 2023 3 min read

Notre avis sur la machine espresso Ascaso Dream PID - Café Barista

Buying a home espresso machine is an excellent way to perk up your morning routine. Today, we present the Ascaso Dream PID, an upscale option with retro flair and a reasonable price tag, compared to other more costly espresso machines.

A Note on the Brand

Jesús Ascaso left his small village in Spain’s Huesca mountains in the 1950s with just 3,000 pesetas to his name (the equivalent of about $280 today). He made his way to Barcelona with a clear goal in mind: to work in the espresso industry. In 1962, his brand was born. Over 60 years later, his machines are now distributed to more than 95 countries around the world!

Made entirely by hand in Barcelona, the Ascaso Dream PID is the brand’s most emblematic home espresso machine.

The Parts

In addition to being extremely durable, the Ascaso Dream PID uses a PID system (Proportional Integral Derivative). This device, often found in upscale machines, replaces the thermostat and delivers constant heat to your water. Rather than heat the water to a desired temperature then turn on the heating element once it becomes too cool, it simply maintains the same temperature at all times.

This machine is also equipped with an 8-bar high-pressure pump, giving you rich and creamy espresso every time. The portafilter is made of chrome-plated brass, and the group (58 mm) is made of solid brass for consistent water distribution.

The Ascaso Dream PID also comes with a steam wand that’s easy to use and allows you to froth your milk to perfection. The water reservoir can hold up to 1.3 litres of water and its water level indicator alerts you when it’s time to fill it. When in use, the top of the machine also keeps your mugs warm.

First Use

The first time you use it, simply:
1. Fill the reservoir with filtered water.
2. Turn on the machine a few minutes before using it.
3. From the digital screen, adjust the water temperature to between 90° and 95° Celsius.
4. You can now brew your coffee and froth your milk (don’t forget to wipe down and clean the nozzle after each use)!

The Ascaso Dream PID has a unique aesthetic. Made with wood and aluminium, it definitely turns heads! More than simply beautiful, this machine has a retro feel and pulls exceptional espressos at an unbeatable price-to-quality ratio!


To keep your espresso machine running smoothly as long as possible, it’s important to perform proper maintenance.

1. Start by removing the filter and replacing it with the blind filter.
2. Clean the gasket using a small brush.
3. Add a small amount of cleaning powder to the blind filter.
5. Brew for 5 seconds. Repeat this step 5 times, once per month.
6. Rinse out the filter, and you’re done!

We recommend repeating this cleaning process, without the cleaning powder, once a week.

The Ascaso Dream PID has a unique aesthetic. Made with wood and aluminium, it definitely turns heads! More than simply beautiful, this machine has a retro feel and pulls exceptional espressos at an unbeatable price-to-quality ratio!

What our Barista Thinks

«The Ascaso Dream PID has all the qualities and advantages of an upscale machine. It’s the perfect espresso machine for those who love great coffee but want to maximize their counter space! In addition to saving space, it also saves you time. In fact, thanks to its compact group, it heats up in just five minutes. However, if several people in your home enjoy a beverage made with frothed milk, this might not be the best option, as it does not allow you to use the steam wand while brewing.»

Coline Barista

- Coline


Technical Specifications

Pump type


Made in



34.5 cm


24.3 cm


28 cm


17 lb


8 bars

Portafilter diameter

58 mm



Temperature control

Adjustable in 1-degree increments, thanks to the PID

Start-up time

5 minutes

Water source


Reservoir capacity

1.3 L


110 V


Aluminum and wood


1 year on the machine, 3 years on the group


Black, white, polished, and anthracite

Accessories included in box

Double portafilter, blind filter basket, single filter basket, single and double pressurized filter basket, Senseo filter basket (Europe), double tamper, and descaler pod

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