Rocket Appartamento

The name Rocket evokes exceptional material quality and extraordinary durability. Rocket’s Appartamento machine combines exceptional coffee with robust and sophisticated design. This magnificent piece of machinery is built entirely by hand in Italy and will lend your countertop a fresh style while extracting perfect espressos. Its manual crank is a unique aspect that intrigues coffee lovers all over the world, while its E61 brew group and boiler provide a steam wand that can be used even while pulling an espresso. This is an essential function if you love lattes and cappuccinos.

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groupe infuseur e61 de la machine espresso rocket appartamento espresso machine group head

The E61 Brew Group

The E61 brew group is legendary among coffee lovers. Invented by Ernesto Valente in 1961, it’s still in use today, and it’s still as revolutionary now as it was 60 years ago. This hefty 4 kg of brass handles heat like a cast iron pan: after just a few minutes of heating, it reaches its optimal temperature and enjoys unparalleled thermal inertia in concert with unbeatable temperature stability.
With the right technique, channelling is virtually nonexistent in the E61 brew group, thanks to the pre-infusion system that gradually increases the pressure in the unit.

baromètre de la machine espresso rocket appartamento espresso machine barometer

Heat Exchanger

The Rocket Appartamento is a single boiler machine with a heat exchanger system known as a thermosiphon. This system provides consistent heat with every espresso. It also offers the same benefits as a double boiler system in a smaller footprint, meaning your steam wand is always ready to go, even while you’re pulling espressos.

Technical specifications

Pump type: vibration
Made in: Italy
Height: 37cm
Width: 27.5cm
Depth: 42.5cm
Weight: 44 lbs
Number of boilers: 1
Boiler capacity: 1.8 L
Pressure: 9 bar
Filter holder diameter: 58 mm
Infuser group: E61
Heating element: heat exchanger
Temperature control: pressure switch
Boot time: 15 minutes
Water source: tank
Tank capacity: 2.25L
Warranty: 2 years parts and labor
Materials: metal
Colours: stainless steel/white, stainless steel/copper, red/white, black/white, black/copper
Accessories included in the box: single filter holder, double filter holder, full basket, coffee press (tamper), cleaning tablets, cleaning brush, paper and usb manual

A word on the manufacturer

Rocket combines the ideas of a New Zealander and an Italian to produce machines that brew some of the best espresso in the world in every cup. Rocket machines are also closely linked to the cycling community. Almost 350 of the world’s best cyclists have the opportunity to start each morning with a coffee made by a Rocket machine.
The Italian company manufactures all its machines entirely by hand in Milan. Since 2007, Rocket has been considered a leading brand for both residential and commercial machines used in homes and cafés around the world.

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