Rocket Appartamento TCA

2,995.00$ to 3,100.00$
Discover the brand new Appartamento TCA by Rocket Espresso; the next generation of the Appartamento with temperature adjustment.

The new Appartamento TCA (Temperature Control Assistant) is equipped with an advanced temperature control feature that allows precise and automatic adjustment of the water temperature to ensure consistent and optimal extraction. It represents the evolution of the iconic Appartamento espresso machine with modern aesthetics and features that propel the Appartamento to new heights. The newly developed machine functions and improvements offer an even better coffee experience at home!

Temperature Control Assistant

Rocket Espresso's Appartamento TCA integrates an advanced thermal control system to provide constant and precise water temperature during espresso extraction. With improved thermosiphon technology, this machine ensures uniform hot water distribution, thus ensuring consistent extraction and optimal coffee quality. Thermal stability throughout the extraction process ensures reliable results, while customizable settings allow you to adjust the temperature according to your extraction preferences and coffee bean characteristics!

A Refreshed Look

The new Appartamento TCA is available in five color variations, so there's one to suit every type of decor. A stainless steel color band displaying the Rocket name at the back of the machine is also part of the new features on this enhanced model. The aesthetics of this appliance make the Appartamento TCA not only an exceptional espresso machine but also a branded decorative piece.

Technical specifications

Pump Type: Vibration
Made in: Milan, Italy
Height: 36 cm
Width: 27 cm
Depth: 45 cm
Weight: 22 kgs
Number of boilers: 1 Boiler, Heat Exchanger
Boiler Capacity: 1.8 Liters
Pressure: Up to 15 Bar (between 8 and 10 for regular use)
Portafilter Diameter: 58mm
Brew Group: Modified E61
Heating Element: Resistance in the boiler
Temperature Control: Mechanical PID
Startup Time: 20 minutes
Water Source: Reservoir
Reservoir Capacity: 1.9 Liters
Warranty: 2 years parts and labor (excluding wear and tear parts)
Materials: Solid Brass, Stainless Steel
Colors: Chrome/White, Chrome/Brushed Copper, Chrome/Black, Black/Black, Black/Brushed Copper
Accessories included in the box: single filter holder, double filter holder, blind basket, cleaning brush, cleaning tablets, Rocket tamper, Manual

A word on the manufacturer

Rocket combines the spirits of a New Zealander and an Italian to produce machines that offer the best espressos in the world, with every cup. Rocket machines are intimately linked with the cycling community. Nearly 350 of the world's best cyclists have the chance to start each morning with a coffee extracted from a Rocket machine.
The Italian artisan manufactures all its machines entirely by hand in Milan. Since 2007, Rocket has positioned itself as a leader for both its residential and commercial machines used in cafes and households around the world.