Vanilla and Caramel Latte Recipe

February 04, 2022 1 min read

Recette de latte vanille et caramel - Café Barista

Do you like crullers as much as we do? If the answer is yes, then this latte will win you over after your first sip! The taste of this vanilla and caramel latte recipe is delightfully similar to that of the beloved cruller!

It only takes four ingredients to make this latte: your favourite espresso blend, milk (dairy or plant based), some Creamy Espresso Caramel, and a touch of vanilla Cremaglace. We went with our limited-edition winter blend L’Après-Ski to make this recipe.

Preparation of the Vanilla and Caramel Latte

  1. In a large latte cup, add one teaspoon of Creamy Espresso Caramel.

  2. Extract a long espresso, about 40 mL of liquid, over the caramel.

  3. Gently mix the caramel with the espresso until the caramel has completely melted.

  4. Add one ounce of vanilla Cremaglace and mix.

  5. Prepare about eight ounces of microfoam with either cow’s milk (2% to 3.25%) or your favourite barista style plant-based beverage.

  6. Finish the vanilla and caramel latte by pouring the microfoam into your cup.

The only thing left to do is raise your cup and enjoy this caffeinated treat that tastes like our favourite glazed doughnuts.

For more caffeinated recipes, visit the recipes section of our blog! You can watch or rewatch the Café Show episode below.

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