Our Commitment to Food Security with La Corbeille Bordeaux-Cartierville

October 30, 2010 2 min read

Notre implication envers la sécurité alimentaire avec La Corbeille Bordeaux-Cartierville - Café Barista

Since the beginning, Barista Micro-Roastery has been focused on getting involved in its neighbourhood community, particularly through our partnership with La Corbeille Bordeaux-Cartierville!

What is La Corbeille?

In a general sense, La Corbeille’s goal is to answer the community’s needs. The organization was created in 1987, and its projects have continued to evolve, always with the aim do as much good as possible.

La Corbeille’s mission is twofold: community and training. The first part focuses on providing food aid to the disadvantaged through a community grocery called Le Magasin d’Émilie, providing meals to primary schools in the area, as well as programs aiming to strengthen ownership, mobilization, and autonomy of citizens.

The second allows people who have been unemployed for extended periods to benefit from socio-professional insertion to help them to return to work. The training is developed and provided in collaboration with Emploi-Québec and is spread across various levels.

The activities of La Corbeille Bordeaux-Cartierville are focused on in the Centre-Nord neighbourhood of Montreal, which is also where Barista operates.

We Want to do our Part!

As the local SME, we firmly believe that it is our responsibility to be involved in our community. In fact, it’s in our DNA! We are involved with La Corbeille in several ways, primarily through the sale of our signature La Corbeille coffee line, which includes an espresso and an Americano (filter), with the proceeds going directly to the organization!

The two blends were specially created for this project. The espresso is flavourful with notes of caramel and citrus, while the filter coffee has a very flowery, almost perfume-like profile. Pssst! They are available on the online store right here!

When La Corbeille holds auctions, we provide gifts baskets, serve coffee during events, etc. We also help the team with their website, graphic design, and social media needs. If you want to further the cause, you can visit the restaurant, Le Festigoût, which is where the organizations’ employees-in-training learn!

Is There a Cause you Support? We Want to Know

If you’re part of a community organization, let us know! Our Projet Umanita gives non-profit organizations the opportunity to sell or get espresso or filter blends with their own label (like the one for La Corbeille!).

Whether it’s for auctions, fundraisers of all kinds, extended coffee sales, or simply to provide coffee on-site or during events, the Projet Umanita blends allow you to fund your activities and for us to stay involved in our community at the local and provincial level. It’s a win-win, as they say!

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